Smartwatches for Kids

Kids these days are tech savvy, and they pester their parents for smartphones and tablets if you are one of those parents who like to restrict your kids from extensive use of smartphones and tablets, a good alternative that you could consider smartwatches for kids.

Your kids will certainly fancy these smartwatches. Let us find out more about the smartwatches for kids. 

You might no be aware, but there are different types of smartwatches for kids. Therefore, it becomes difficult to select one. However, our buying guide has all those important points covered.

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What are smartwatches for kids?

Smartwatches for kids are not very different from that of smartwatches for adults. Most of the features and functions of smartwatches are the same regardless of whether it is for adults or for kids.

A major difference could be seen in the design and model. Smartwatches for kids come in more peppy colours. Smartwatches for kids come with an activity tracker, health tracker, sports tracker, two-way voice calling.  

Features of smartwatches for kids

While most of the features of smartwatches for kids are not very different from that of smartwatches for adults, there are few important features that are found in kids’ smartwatches that have to do with kids’ safety.

Let us list all the most common features found in smartwatches for kids. 

Display sizeApproximately 1.3 inches
Display typeColor display / LED display
Location trackingAvailable
Sports mode monitorCycling, running, walking, treadmill, trekking, climbing, hiking
Health mode monitorHeart rate, calories counter, menstrual tracking, step tracking, sleep monitoring
Kids Safety FeaturesSingle touch SOS call
Do not disturb modeAvailable
Geo FencingAvailable in most smartwatches for kids
Compatible devicesSmartphones / Tablets
OS compatibilityAndroid  / iOS
Switch off controlThrough parent-controlled smartphone
Waterproof Most models
Average battery life1000+ hours vary based on brand and model

Who Should Use Smartwatches for Kids?

Smartwatches for kids are suitable for kids who are of the age of taking care of themselves. If your kids regularly go out for various extracurricular activities, school tuitions, friends’ houses, and parties, then your kids need these smartwatches.

These smartwatches for kids will help you keep track of the movement of your kids and also ensure their safety.

When compared to the other electronic devices and gadgets, smartwatches for kids are becoming the need of the hour given the current unsafe environment in the country for kids of both genders. 


When it comes to buying a smartwatch for your kids, it is better done sooner than later. Smartwatches for kids come in various price points and mostly within affordable limits.

When it comes to your kids’ safety, these smartwatches play a very important role these days, and you should not hesitate to invest in such a gadget. This will not only make your kids, but it will also give you great peace of mind.

Look around for the latest smartwatches available in the market for kids. You can compare the features and the price points online to find the best brands at the most reasonable prices.

A smartwatch would be a perfect gift for your kids on their birthdays. 

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