Fitbit Versa Lite Smartwatch Review

Fitbit Versa Lite Edition Smart Watch is a high-end fitness band for fitness freaks who want to keep a close eye on their activity levels and health. Fitbit is an American company and is known for making wearables that are related to fitness like activity trackers, wireless-enabled wearable technology devices. The company is known for its R&D capabilities and sells its products globally.

Activity tracker

The band accurately tracks steps that are taken, distance covered and, calories burnt when hiking, cycling, walking. It also accurately calculates the time of activity in hour and minutes

Heart rate monitor

The band lets you track your heart rate 24/7 and records the readings in the Fitbit App which you can see on your phone using PurePulse heart rate tracker

Sleep Monitor

The fitness band also monitors your sleeping time and rates it according to light, deep and rem sleep and also gives personal insights on how you can improve your sleep quality


The band gives a battery life of 4 days on a single charge

On the go notifications

The fitness band also allows you to send and receive calls, send messages, write emails using the band interface with utmost ease on your android phones. The phone also gives in-app notifications.

GPS enabled

The phone is also embedded with GPS functionality and lets you know how much distance you have traveled and at what pace

Store and Play Music

The band allows us to upload and store up to 300+ songs. The band can be seamlessly paired with your Bluetooth earphones to listen to songs on the go

Calendar Events and Alarm

The band allows you to feed events in the calendar and also set the alarm to notify you and wake you up at your desired times

Period Tracker

The band also allows women to log in their period and track their cycles and get notified when their period is due next

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What Do We like

Notifications on the wrist

You don’t have to go through the trouble of taking your phone out from your pocket or purse to see who is calling or texting

Reasonable Battery

The product works for a decent three days on a full charge and gives you the luxury of charging it at your convenience

Light and Comfortable

The band has negligible weight, and your wrist is at absolute comfort when wearing it

All in one

The band acts as an activity tracker, health monitor, alarm, notification sender all at the same time

What We Don’t Like

Only Android Compatible

The band can not be used to send a message when pairing it an iOS smartphone

Connectivity issues

The band gets disconnected from time to time, and the phone does not sync real-time readings


Fitbit Versa Lite Edition Smart Watch is a decent fitness band with almost all the features that fitness experts look for in their health band. An ideal purchase at a decent price point.

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