Smartwatches Under INR 1000

Do you know that you can get Smartwatches under INR 1000? Yes, that is right, and are you surprised that it is even possible to find smartwatches for this price?

There are numerous brands in the smartwatches industry featuring entry-level smartwatches for less than INR 1000. 

Interestingly, you will be able to find many cool features in these smartwatches even though the price is very low. You might want to explore further about these smartwatches under INR 1000. 

Smartwatches under INR 1000 come with a variety of features but require proper research before buying. Hence we have curated a list of important points that you might want to consider.

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What To Expect From Smartwatches Under INR 1000?

If you are looking for smartwatches under INR 1000, then the best place to find them is the online eCommerce stores. All the top online eCommerce platforms feature smartwatches from many leading brands under this price range.

You should take time to review the list of features that you are likely to get for this price range. The features of the capabilities of these entry-level smartwatches vary from brand to brand.

It is, therefore, best not to rush through your selection process but review the options that are before you carefully. Here is the list of most common features that you are likely to find in smartwatches under INR 1000. 

  • Independent SIM card slot
  • Memory card support – up to 32 GB
  • Touch screen
  • Screen size up to 1.54 inch
  • Built-in functions – WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, 
  • Pedometer
  • Activity monitor
  • Sleep monitor
  • Two-way voice calling
  • Audio player
  • Calendar
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Camera
  • Alarm clock
  • Compatible with Android and iOS phones and tablets

Comparison Between Smartwatches Under INR 800 and Under INR. 1000

If you think that INR 1000 itself is very little to pay for a smartwatch with so many features, you will be surprised to find smartwatches under INR 800.

Do not expect too many differences in the list of features that you are likely to get or in the product quality. For all practical purposes, the features and the quality of the smartwatches that you are likely to get will more or less are the same.

Some brands try to increase the sale volume by reducing the product cost, and that is why you find this marginal difference in the price.

Let us compare the list of features available in smartwatches under INR 800 and INR 1000. 

FeaturesSmartwatches Under INR 800Smartwatches Under INR 1000
Direct smartwatch callingAvailableAvailable
Video callingNot availableAvailable in some models
Screen size1.5 inch1.54 to 2 inch


If you are looking for an entry-level smartwatch, you will be able to find some cool looking smartwatches for less than INR 1000.

It is worth giving these smartwatches a try because they are so cheap, and you will be able to get your smartwatch delivered at your doorstep for as little as INR 800.

You will be able to make and receive calls through these entry-level smartwatches that cost you less than INR 1000.

Go ahead and order a cool looking smartwatch for yourself now.