Inalsa Juicer Mix N Blend Juicer Mixer Grinder Review

Founded in 1967, Inalsa has grown exponentially in the home appliances segment. The brand manufactures close of 30 products in the home appliances category and is best known for its food processors.

Inalsa Juicer Mixer Grinder Mix N Blend is an all in one mixer grinder that is designed to give a top-notch performance and user satisfaction


Motor Capacity

The product is equipped with a powerful motor of 550W with a higher torque which can handle almost all type of mixing and grinding requirements and can work for 30 minutes uninterruptedly (5 min On and 2 min Off, maximum six cycles)

Two jars

The product comes with two stainless steel jars: 1.5 L Break Resistant Blender Jar for instant smoothies and a 0.8 L Multi-Purpose Stainless Steel Chutney Jar for wet & dry grinding.


The blades provided in the jars are made of high-grade Stainless Steel are give you the finest mixing and grinding experience

Robust nylon couplers

The couplers ensure long-lasting and durable performance with very low wear and tear

Concealed bushes

A concealed bush fit at the bottom of the mixer jar prevents any kind of oil leakage while the machine is in use

Feeding tube

The product comes with a large feeding tube of 65mm that fits most of the whole fruit and vegetable. 

Locking arm and anti-skid feet

Equipped with anti-skid feet at the base of the juicer and lock function that ensures that the product does not function when it is not locked properly. 

3-speed setting and pulse function

There are three speed setting on the main unit to provide you a more personalized and tailored juicing, mixing, grinding

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What Do We like

Fast preparation time

 Effortlessly extracts juice from fruits, vegetables, and delicious shakes and make green smoothies every-day


The product is equipped with a 550W motor that makes it very powerful and can grind and juice very tough fruits and ingredients

Large feeding tube

The feeding tube is 65mm large and allows to put large chunks or whole fruits and vegetables and does the juicing efficiently 


The product comes packed with a lot of features like nylon couplers, anti skid feet, concealed bushes,  a locking system that makes it extremely durable.

Safe Handling

The product is very safe to handle, and features like the arm locking system and anti-skid feet also ensure that the product does not malfunction or skip at any point

Easy Cleaning

All the parts of the mixer grinder can be easily rinsed and cleaned. 

What We Don’t Like


Due to the high powered motor, it makes noise which can be irritating. 


Inalsa Juicer Mixer Grinder Mix N Blend is designed to take care of all your juicing, mixing and grinding needs. The product gives you all the features you look for when you are buying a juicer mixer grinder like power, durability, easy assembling and cleaning, affordable, and high quality. 

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