Is it Alright to Unplug the Refrigerator When Not in Use?

Getting anxious the night before leaving for a vacation is quite normal. Moments before you leave for your vacation you start wondering what loose ends you forgot to tie.

After a while, your focus shifts towards kitchen appliances. You might be wondering if you should unplug your refrigerator or not. What will be the effect if you turn off the fridge, when you come back? Let us consider some variables before unplugging the refrigerator.

Facts to Consider Before Turning Off the Switch

Electricity Consumption:

The primary reason behind the thinking of unplugging the refrigerator is to save electricity consumption. Modern refrigerators won’t cost much to keep it running.

The average monthly unit of running a refrigerator range from 25-30 units. Now it is up to you to decide if the hassle of unplugging, emptying, defrosting the refrigerator is worth this small amount of energy savings.

Duration of Vacation:

Your holiday duration is probably the most important factor here to consider. If you are going on a vacation for a week or 10 days, it is not worth going through all that trouble of unplugging the refrigerator.

If you plan to be away for a month or more, then unplugging the fridge is a considerable option. Get rid of anything that you are not certain will be safe to consume upon your return.

Power Cut:

It is an activity that is beyond your control. Another reason to unplug the refrigerator – if it is on and you have a long power cut it could be sitting there wet for a long time, which is what you’re trying to avoid.

Mold Growth:

The longer you keep your refrigerator unplugged the chances of mold growth increase. The usual recommendation is to turn it off and keep the door open so it airs out and doesn’t give mold a chance to grow. If you don’t, humidity in the fridge will cause the growth of mold everywhere.

Safety Concerns:

Home appliances cause a serious amount of residential fire every year. Make sure the electrical cord of your refrigerator is not damaged, faulty, or obsolete. Use heavy-duty extension cords if needed.

Don’t risk leaving home with a running refrigerator unless you are confident that it is not a fire hazard. It is advised to unplug your refrigerator before going on a holiday for safety reasons.

Empty the Fridge:

Make sure to remove all the food/beverages from it and empty the refrigerator. Once you have done that you must clean, wipe it, and dry it. Take particular care to clean the seals and ensure you do it in time for any ice to melt and drain away or be cleaned up if water leaks out to the floor.

Holiday Mode:

Double-check the details of your refrigerator. Some advanced refrigerator comes with a holiday/vacation mode you can switch on manually or is automatically enabled if the fridge is not opened for a specific time.


If you are going away for a short or long holiday then you should unplug it for the sake of our environment. The world we are living in is becoming toxic every day. A little contribution from you to nature would help.


The above-mentioned facts will help you make the right decision. You must be sure about certain things if you plan to leave it on. Otherwise, we have stated the things you need to do before you unplug the refrigerator.

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