How Long Should You Wait to Put Food in a New Fridge?

Before your excitement of getting a new fridge gets the better of you, take a moment to ponder how long you should wait for stuffing your new bridge with food. A fridge is a sensitive electronic appliance that may get damaged if not operated properly.

So how long should you wait? This time period on the make and model of the refrigerator you have bought. Keep reading as this article helps you to find the answer to this question.

How Long Must You Wait to Keep Food Inside Your New Fridge?

Depending on the make and model of the fridge purchased, you should wait for a minimum of two (2) hours to a maximum of twenty-four (24) hours before keeping food inside it. Your fridge needs this time duration to reach the optimum temperature required for the proper preservation of the food. You should go through the manufacturer’s website or user’s manual for the recommended waiting period required by your fridge to attain full functionality.

The fridge may look like a simple household appliance; however, you should have a proper understanding of how it operates to ensure its long-lasting and safe usage. You need to consider a few factors for calculating the waiting period before loading it with food.

Won’t you love to know more about your cooling companion? Keep reading as this article delves deeper and explores the answers to common questions regarding using your new fridge to ensure its optimal performance.

Does a New Fridge Need to Stand for 24 Hours?

You need to consider how your new fridge was transported to your place. Pay attention if your fridge is delivered in an upright standing position or laying on its side. This factor ensures long life and excellent performance.

Your fridge has pipes that transmit lubricant and gas. Before you switch on your new fridge, you need to ensure that the lubricant and gas are settled properly in their place.

If your new fridge is transported in an upright standing position, you need to stand it for a minimum of two hours before switching it on.

However, if your new fridge is transported in a lying position on its side, you need to stand it for at least 4 hours before turning it on. Some brands like Whirlpool require you to stand your fridge up to 24 hours before switching it on.

What Are the Factors That Determine the Ideal Waiting Period for Keeping Food in a New Fridge?

The size of the refrigerator, the location, and the temperature are the three significant factors determining the time you should wait before keeping food in a new fridge.

Some fridges need only two hours while some others require 24 hours before turning it on and keeping food inside. It is to ensure the optimal performance of the various functions of the refrigerator, such as ice-making that takes 24 hours for filling the ice container.

You should wait till your new fridge attain precise internal temperature, primary batches of ice creation, and adequately cooled water. Thus, allow your fridge to acquire full functionality so that it works properly.

Depending on your new fridge’s capacity and temperature control, it may take 2 to 24 hours to attain its optimum temperature. However, it may vary if you would like to load a freezer or cooler.

What Happens If I Turn My New Fridge on Too Soon?

The thermostat settings of a fridge determine the optimum temperature at which your new fridge operates. Your fridge reaches its optimum temperature in its allocated time period of 2 hours.

If you turn on the new fridge too soon and start loading your food in it before it reaches its optimum temperature, it does not result in efficient cooling and may strain your fridge to work harder for cooling the food.

Moreover, if you have placed food in the freezer, it will not freeze properly as the cold may not circulate and reach the food from the internal walls of the fridge.

Also, it may result in the internal temperature of the freezer being higher than optimum temperatures.

Steps To Follow Before Putting Food in a New Fridge

Clean Your Brand New Fridge: It may seem strange, but you must clean your new fridge before starting to use it. This is because your new fridge undergoes a rigorous manufacturing process followed by packaging, boxing, and transportation before arriving in your home.

It may have various chemicals and other materials that may be harmful to your food. Therefore you must wipe your brand new fridge by using a piece of soft and clean cloth soaked in soapy water. Then, wipe it again with a clean and dry cloth.

Switch on Your Fridge After Waiting Period: After the recommended waiting period that may range from a minimum of two hours to a maximum of 24 hours, you may plug in your new fridge. Ensure to allow your fridge to stand for at least 2 to 4 hours before switching it on.

Check the Temperature: On its very first day of usage, check your fridge’s temperature after every 30 minutes. Ensure that your fridge attains its optimum temperature of 0 degrees celsius after two hours.

Cool Your Hot Food for at Least 2 Hours: Keep your hot meals for at least 2 hours for ensuring optimal cooling and preservation. Keep freshly-made food items near the freezer compartment.

Organize Your Fridge Storage Space: Arrange all your edibles like veggies, perishable items, and fruits in their respective compartments. Don’t stuff your fridge with non-perishable items if you don’t need to.

Keep food items that need to be frozen within the freezer compartment only after 2 hours when the freezer section of the fridge has dropped to a much lower temperature than the fridge section. This avoids extra strain on your fridge’s compressor.


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