How Eau De Parfum Differs from Eau De Toilette?

Have you ever wondered that your cologne or fragrance makes up an important part of your persona? The way you smell can make or break your impression on others. Your perfume boosts your confidence and stays in the memories of others for a long time.

Your fragrance speaks volumes about your personality. It is intensely evocative. Thus, selecting a perfect perfume that mixes well with your body chemistry requires more research than any other scented product.

While purchasing perfumes, you would have come across the terms like eau de toilette and Eau de parfum. If these words leave you puzzled, read on as we discuss these two categories of perfume and find out how they differ from each other.

Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum

Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum are the commonly used perfume formulas widely used in the perfume industry. The perfumes vary from one another in the amount (in percentages) of the pure perfume oil used in their preparations. Let us understand the difference between the two.

Difference Between Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum

The Concentration of Pure Perfume Oil

Eau de Toilette is formulated by using 10%-15% of perfume oil. It comprises a lighter intensity formula that makes it ideally suitable for daily usage. It is a popular perfume strength that is used for producing awesome fragrances.

Eau de parfum is formulated using 15%-20% perfume oil. This perfume’s strength is more intense, fuller, and luxurious than eau de toilette.


An eau de parfum provides more intense fragrance than an eau de toilette.

Thus, if you prefer fragrance with more intensity, choose Eau de Parfum; otherwise, select Eau de Toilette for low-intensity fragrance.


Both these types of fragrances are prepared from the same notes with different concentration levels. However, their smells are not the same.

Eau de parfum releases a higher concentration of fragrance oil. This causes certain notes on the skin, which results in richer, sweeter, and sharper scents. It adds heightened sensation to the scent. This is a major reason why there are different perfumes for men and perfumes for women.

Eau de toilette fragrance differs from that of ear de parfum in subtle ways. It results in different notes or ingredients on the wearer‘s skin and provides unique experiences.

Even though both these scents belong to the same fragrance family, they have their unique characteristic smell.


The shelf-life or expiry of the perfume depends on the scent architecture, quality of ingredients, and how it is stored. It usually varies from three to five years.

The formulation of an eau de toilette has a higher concentration of alcohol. This serves as a protective preservative and extends the shelf-life of the fragrance.

On the other hand, an eau de parfum has less alcohol concentration, and it loses its intensity faster. It has a lower shelf-life than an eau de toilette perfume.

Which one lasts longer – Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum?

An eau de parfums last longer than an eau de toilette. The smell of Eau de parfum stays with you throughout the day and even during the night, while the smell of eau de toilette stays with you for many hours, .

The longevity of these fragrances also depends on the different notes. A fruity and fresh Eau de parfum evaporates faster than a woody eau de toilette. It also depends on the different experiences of the wearers with the same fragrance.


An eau de toilette has a lower concentration of pure fragrance oil than eau de parfum. Thus, it is usually less expensive than Eau de parfum. The costs of these perfumes also depend on other ingredients used in the formulation.


Choosing the perfect perfume for you is a very personal decision. What works great for your friends may not work with you. It also depends on the wearer’s skin. A person with dry skin needs perfume with a higher concentration of fine fragrance oil.

An Eau de parfum provides a more intense, long-lasting, and enhanced aromatic scent, while an eau de toilette is suitable for daily usage and can be applied liberally. You should follow your nasal instincts before choosing the best perfume that meets your needs.

As we all experience the same fragrance in different ways, you should judge the intensity of the fragrance you prefer. Some individuals begin with less intense eau de toilette and gradually shift towards Eau de parfum.

Thus, understanding the basic differences between Eau de parfum and eau de toilette helps you to select the best perfume for yourself.


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