Thomson SBW 10 Sound System Review

Thomson is a company that excels in manufacturing high-quality electronic gadgets. This company manufactures a lot of products, including earbuds, earphones, soundbars, and music systems. The performance of its products is quite amazing, thanks to their unique features

Thomson SBW 10 80 Watts Wired Sound system comes with a Soundbar and a beautiful subwoofer. This sound system is a name of quality, and it delivers the best sound clarity and performance.


Innovative Design

The design of this sound system is unique and outstanding. It has been designed using the concepts of the visual technology revolution. The cutting edge design of the speaker and subwoofer is the specialty of this company.

Powerful Sound Quality

The sound effects and controls are state-of-the-art. It seems to be small and handy equipment, but when it comes to performance, it delivers impressive and high-quality sound effects as well.

Cinematic Surround Sound

It generates a fantastic surround sound effect, which helps users to experience the cinematic environment at home. The speakers and subwoofer are designed in such a manner to support the enrichment of sound effects. Every single note of the soundtrack is felt and enjoyed.

AUX and USB Connectivity

This sound system also supports wired connections. Now, the users can connect their devices with this system using USB cables or even an AUX cable as well. No matter if it is an android device or some MP3 device, it can be connected to the sound system with the help of a cable. The USB port is a high-speed port that supports faster connectivity.

Multiple Connectivity Range

This sound system has a variety of connection options which enable the users to connect any smart or wired device with the system. No matter if it is a Bluetooth device or others, it can support the connection. The intelligent devices, androids, laptops, tablets, notebooks, or any other MP3 device can be easily connected to the system.

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What Do We like

Adaptive Sound Mode

There are four unique categories of sound modes available in this system. These sound modes include Music, Movie, News, and 3D. The users can enjoy any of the pre-defined settings of the sound system. It allows them to experience the amazing sound effects in different configurations.

Full Accessible Remote

The remote of the sound system is a smart gadget that helps to control the settings, tracks being played, and the audio files from a remote distance. It has a sleek and handy design. The remote control is quite user-friendly as well, which allows any new user to operate and enjoy the system.

Easy Setup

This sound system can be set up easily. It helps users to quickly unbox the system and place it according to their requirements of the room. Wherever it can be placed, it definitely adds much more to the beauty of the room.

What We Don’t Like

Low-Quality Bass

The bass quality of this sound system at higher volumes is not satisfactory enough. There is a distortion effect in its bass at higher volumes.


Thomson SBW 10 wired sound system is one of the best when it comes to durability and performance. The sound quality and connectivity features of this sound system are outstanding. This is a system in a very economical price range.

A lot of other sound systems in the market are either much more expensive or lack the most important features in them. What makes this system more special is the fact that it has been designed and manufactured by a company that needs no introduction in the field of performance.

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