Jack Martin x7 Speaker System Review

Jack Martin is a famous company that provides a wide range of electronics products. This company has managed to maintain a good reputation because of its high-quality products and its efficiencies. Jack Martin X7 Home Theater Speaker System comes with three side speakers or satellite speakers and one main unit. This is a 3.1channel multimedia speaker system with an fantastic Karaoke feature in it.

3.1 Multimedia Speaker System

This speaker system contains a 3.1 Ch. multimedia sound system. 3.1 is a 4-channel sound system which is comprised of 3 speakers and the main unit or one subwoofer in it. This arrangement of speakers helps to deliver a beautiful cinematic surround sound effects at home.

Built-in Bluetooth

This sound system has a built-in Bluetooth facility. It offers the possibility of smart connections. One can connect any sort of smart device, tablet, or laptop with the sound system using Bluetooth features.

Diverse hardware Connection Facility

It provides a wide range of connections to its users. It supports USB connection, Pen drive, and SD card as well. This versatile range of connections enables users

Compatibility with TV

This sound system is capable of connection with TV set using RC or AUX cable. People tend to love those sound systems which can be connected with smart TVs or other displays. This feature allows its users to enjoy the high-quality soundtracks of TV on this sound system.

Karaoke facility

This unique feature helps users to experience singing using the attached mic with the sound system. All one has to do is connect the mic units with the system, and they can enjoy their voice easily. It supports the connection of two mics at a time, which can help in some song competition. Users can enjoy dual song singing experience using this feature.

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What Do We like

Slim and Unique Design

The exterior of the satellite speakers is unique and fascinating. These are three perfectly designed speakers in compact size and amazing look. They can be adjusted on any sort of table or shelf for a better experience.

Best Quality Bass

The quality of sound, especially the bass, is unique. What makes it special is the fact that the sound effect doesn’t get disturbed with the high volume. The flow of sound at high bass and volume is quite fascinating.

Minimal Output Power

The maximum output power of the speakers in this sound system is merely 154 W. It is one of the systems which are famous because of their minimal power consumption along with their unique features.

Button as well as a remote control

This sound system has dual features. It can be controlled via remote and by button as well. A round knob and several control buttons are integrated into the sound system, which provides ease of operation.

What We Don’t Like

No negative point is observed so far.


Jack Martin x7 Home theater speaker system offers a complete package. This is a unique and perfectly designed sound system that can be used to enjoy cinematic sounds experience at home. It has a variety of distinguishing features in a very economical range.

The quality and performance of the sound system are remarkable. It is the best system for high bass usage. The 3.1ch. sound system enables users to experience amazing surround sound effects.

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