Intex Home Theatre Systems

Intex is an upcoming Indian brand which was established in 1996. The brand positions itself as an IT accessories manufacturer. One of the areas the brand is trying to gain visibility is in the home theatre systems segment. The brand has already ventured into computer speakers and is considered a decent option by computer users.

However, when it comes to home theatre systems, Intex needs to do a lot of groundwork before it could secure a significant space. 

Before you invest in a Intex home theatre system, it is wise to check out the important points to ensure you have taken the right decision.

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How Does Intex Fair As A Home Theatre Systems Brand?

Intex is a known name to the Indian customers as far as computer consumables are concerned. With regard to its home theatre segment is concerned, the brand has managed to reach entry-level customers. The brand is positioning itself to reach the entry-level customers and work its way up, and along those lines, Intex is on the right track. 

  • Intex offers low priced home theatre systems
  • For the price paid the quality is reasonably good
  • The brand does well when compared to the other imported Chinese home theatre systems
  • All the latest features are included in most of the models 
  • Will be a good option for someone who is keen on trying their first home theatre system

Intex USP

For a company that started in 1996, it certainly would not have been easy to outshine the cut-throat competition that is prevailing in the industry. The strength of this brand is to be seen in its careful positioning. The brand tries to reach entry-level customers and has accordingly priced its products.

Product positioning and pricing have been two great strategies Intex has been following to increase its market share. Their approach seems to work well for them, and their visibility is gradually growing. 

The brand is also continually working towards bringing to market products of better quality with each new release. Customer expectations are very high today, even when they pay a meager price.

Just because the home theatre system is priced low, the brand cannot overlook its quality. Intex is, therefore, focusing on its product quality to match with that of the other competing brands in this segment. 


If you are interested in setting up your home theatre with a projector within a small budget, the Intex home theatre systems will make the right choice. You may not be able to expect Bose like quality when it comes to the sound output, but at the same time, the quality is not too poor either. You will get value for your money.

Intex is a starting level home theatre for you to try without having to shell out a lot of money right on your first home theatre system. The Intex home theatre system works well in smaller spaces.

It is worth checking out the options that are out there. The brand features many models under various price points. You are very likely to be impressed with the features and the options that you come across.