Mitashi HT 4465 Home Theater System Review

Mitashi is a company of quality and perfection. What makes it outstanding is its dedicated approach towards manufacturing the best. Mitashi HT 4465 4.1 Channel Home Theater System comes with four speakers and one subwoofer or main unit. The sound quality and bass effects of this sound system are quite amazing.


4.1 Ch Speaker system

The 4.1 channel speaker system designed for this theater is one of the best in performance. This arrangement helps to experience the perfect cinematic experience at home.

5500-watt PMPO

PMPO determines the strength of a speaker system generally. This sound system has been equipped with such latest technology that it can perform smoothly with 5500 Watts of maximum speaker power.

Bass and Treble Control

The bass effects of this sound system are worth mentioning. One can enjoy the perfect disco theme at home with high-quality bass performance. It is one of the systems which doesn’t experience distortion when the volume is raised. The bass remains unaffected at higher volumes as well.

Blue connect

It has a built-in Bluetooth feature. Now users can connect their devices with the speaker system quite easily. It allows smart devices and gadgets like tablets, laptops, and phones to connect quite easily.

Auxiliary Input

The auxiliary input has been incorporated in this system to experience the superb sound quality of any audio device. The audio devices such as MP3 Player, Smartphones, desktops, or laptops can be connected to this speaker system using the auxiliary port.

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What Do We like

Digital FM radio

There is an additional feature in this system, which is digital FM radio. It allows users to enjoy their favorite FM bands and programs on a beautiful and high-quality sound system.

USB and SD card Reader

This sound system has integrated USB ports, and an SD card reader is also supported by it. It allows users to connect their flash drives or any other external storage device with the system. They can experience the richness of bass and amazing sound effects quite easily. SD cards are also supported via an SD card reader. It provides a wide range of connectivity and functioning for this system.

Minimal Power Consumption

Its speakers utilize only 50 watts of power while operating. This reduces the heavy expense of power consumption. Hence it is one of the best energy-saving sound systems in the market.

What We Don’t Like

No negative point is observed so far.


Mitashi HT 4465 4.1 channel system is a complete package in itself. It allows multiple connection options and a versatile range of features. You can now connect your smart gadgets, devices, USB drives, SD cards, tablets, laptops, and any external storage device to this system.

It can allow you to play any sort of audio file. It supports a majority of audio formats. The performance of the sound system is above the quality standards. It has established a good repute in terms of sound clarity, quality and richness of bass.

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