Logitech Home Theatre Systems

Logitech is one of the new age IT and computer peripheral companies that has now ventured into home entertainment. This is a Swiss company, founded in 1981. When compared to the other international brands that are close to a hundred years old, Logitech is relatively a new brand.

Moreover, in the home theater segment, Logitech has limited experience. If you are interested in finding the best home theatres from an international brand at an affordable budget, Logitech will be able to offer you what you are looking for. 

Before you invest in a Logitech home theatre system, it is wise to check out the important points to ensure you have taken the right decision.

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How Does Logitech Fair As A Home Theatre Systems Brand?

Logitech is a very familiar brand to the IT savvy Indians. Ranging from computer keyboards to webcam to mouse, Logitech has found its way to every Indian home that ever owned a computer. So this is no alien brand to the Indians.

As far as home theatres are concerned, the brand is yet to find its way into Indian homes. Many go for Logitech computer speakers but when it comes to home theatre systems, the brand movement is slow. Nonetheless, the brand has a number of strong points that it could boast about. 

  • Logitech is looked at as a trustworthy brand as the brand has already proven its quality in the computer peripherals segment. 
  • Logitech home theatre systems offer excellent home cinema experience with its top-notch sound output quality. 
  • All the models are very reasonably priced but include all the latest features. 
  • Many new models to choose from in all price ranges. 
  • Very reliable service network throughout the country.

Logitech USP

Logitech has been one of the most trusted IT peripherals brands and it is because of its quality. Logitech has taken all the efforts required to deliver its Swiss quality to the Indian customers and it has done well along these lines and that is why the brand is popular among the Indian customers.

The brand continually tries to innovate and tries to bring in new features as value adds to its existing line of home theatre systems.

By continually delivering the best quality home theatre systems at the most reasonable prices, Logitech is sure to increase its market share in the home theatre systems segment in the same way it managed to do with the IT peripheral industry. 


Logitech home theatre systems may not be all the popular among the Indian customers who are already settled with the other known international brands, but the younger generation does not mind exploring this brand because they grew up with Logitech.

The brand, therefore, has a huge scope in this industry. In the next few years Logitech is likely to become one of the most popular home theatre systems brands in India. The brand has positioned itself as an IT peripheral company.

Now it has to shift focus and reposition itself. The brand however does not fall back or let down its customers in terms of quality. You can therefore without any hesitation consider selecting Logitech home theatre systems.