iBall Home Theatre Systems

iBall is an Indian brand that has been in the industry for the past eighteen years. This company initially started offering computer peripherals such as a mouse. Over the years, the brand ventured into headphones, earphones, and various other computer-related accessories.

One of the areas where iBall is becoming increasingly popular is in the home theatre systems segment. All the home theatre systems offered by iBall are very affordable under their respective category. 

Before you invest in a iBall home theatre system, it is wise to check out the important points to ensure you have taken the right decision.

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How Does iBall Fair As A Home Theatre Systems Brand?

iBall enjoys a significant level of visibility in India. Most computer users would have already tried one or the other products of iBall over the years.

This has helped the brand to take its home theatre systems also relatively easily to its Indian customers. So if you are interested in considering iBall home theatre systems, then you might want to learn more about the positive features of this brand so that you could make well informed buying choices. 

  • Home theatre systems price starts as low as INR 7500
  • Wide range of options to choose from in terms of styles as well as product features
  • Outstanding quality for the price paid
  • Highly reliable and works fine even in low voltage conditions
  • Comes with all the latest features
  • Excellent product support for repair and servicing needs

iBall USP

iBall is an Indian brand that had to fight a massive competition in the industry. The home theatres segment is filled with many large players, both national as well as international.

However, the brand knew how to position itself well and initially targeted the entry-level customers who are looking for affordable home theatre systems. This has given them a great impetus as they proved their product quality. Consistent delivery of excellence is what has enabled the brand to get through the competition. 

To keep the customers interested in its home theatre systems, iBall continually launches new models with advanced features. The brand enjoys a very high level of customer loyalty. 


If you are looking for an affordable home theatre system with decent quality and features, then iBall offers everything that you are looking for. Decide on the features that you would like to have in your home theatre system and try to match a model that best fits your requirements.

You will undoubtedly find something that best meets your needs within your budget. You do not have to worry about the quality of the home theatre system as the brand enjoys a perfect customer rating. However, if you are looking for a high-end home theatre system, then iBall may not be the brand to consider.

For all entry-level to mid-range requirements, iBall perfectly fits the groove. You should, therefore, be clear with your preferences; the brand targets a specific customer segment. Only you know best when it comes to whether iBall is the brand to go ahead with. The brand certainly does justice and delivers on its promises. Explore the options that are available to you.