Intex Choral 4.1 Multimedia Speaker Review

Intex is the name of quality and perfection when it comes to electronics. The products offered by Intex company are famous because of their excellent design and features. Intex Choral 4.1 Multimedia speaker with Bluetooth compatibility is the sound system which comes with four beautifully designed speaker and a central unit or subwoofer with LED display.

This sound system is perfect for watching movies, shows, TV streaming, or gaming as well. Its features are astonishing because it has been equipped with the latest technology.

Multiple Connection Options

Intex Choral 4.1 multimedia speaker system can be connected to external sources via multiple options. It has a TF and BT option along with USB port as well. An AUX cable port is also integrated into the main unit.

Digital FM Playability

This multimedia speaker has built-in digital FM playability. It is a modern technology with which regular FM or AM signals can be played along with the Digital signals at the same frequency range. So, users can enjoy advanced technology digital radio as well.

Wide Range SMPS Power Supply

Intex choral 4.1 multimedia speaker system has a wide range of Switched-Mode Power Supply (SMPS). This is the latest technology that uses a switching regulator to convert electrical power efficiently. It is one of the durable and best-performing categories of the power supply provided by the company.

LED Display

The speaker system has a fantastic LED display that allows users to monitor the controls on a smart LED screen attached to the central unit or subwoofer. It also displays the tracks being played on the screen to create a user-friendly interface.

Convenient Analogue Controls

Intex Choral 4.1 speaker system has an analog control for adjustment of volume and bass manually. It has a volume and bass control knob built in the main unit or subwoofer.

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What Do We like


The net weight of the multimedia speaker system is 3.44kg, and the gross weight of the system is a mere 4.31 kg only. It is much lesser weight than a lot of other sound systems in the market. It helps users to handle and place the sound system more conveniently.

Extended Frequency Response

The speaker system has been designed to function for a variety of frequency ranges. The central unit can be operated in a frequency range of 40Hz and 200Hz. While the satellite speakers can work efficiently in a frequency range of 200Hz and 20KHz.

What We Don’t Like

No negative points observed so far.


Intex Choral 4.1 Multimedia speaker system is a unique quality product of Intex company, which helps users experience fantastic sound effects of movies, tracks or playlists, and even games as well.

It is a lightweight product which is energy efficient as well. The wooden material’ durable and beautiful design adds more to the beauty of the product. It offers an innovative and diverse range of features equipped with modern technology.

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