VICTGOAL Bicycle Helmet Review

Victgoal is a company that makes bicycle gears of standard quality. Safety is the top priority at Victgoal, and its commitment to product quality, aerodynamics, outer body is perfect.

This is a high-end helmet that comes with tons of features in it. Starting from the design to its top-class quality will justify the price range of this product. This will enhance your bicycling experience. Let’s talk about its features, pros, and cons to know if it is worth buying or not.


High-quality material

Victgoal always focuses on its product quality to ensure maximum protection for the users. This helmet is made using a high-quality pc shell with advanced technology. The EPS layers make this helmet lightweight and comfortable. The outer body is sturdy enough to absorb any impact.

Airflow technology

The ventilation system of this helmet is extraordinary. It comes with 28 vents airflow technology, so the air could pass over your head to keep you calm and relaxed. Otherwise, the heat starts to build up, and you start sweating, especially during longer rides.

Removable and washable liner

The liner of this helmet is placed on the top. It protects you from dust, insects from barging in, and other stuff. After a period when it gets dirty, you can remove, wash, and reuse it. Wash the net part carefully, so it does not get damaged.

Detachable sun visor

A visor in any helmet is profitable. It protects you from several things starting with direct sunlight, raindrops, and lastly, from dust. These factors can interrupt you while driving, which may cause an accident. This detachable sun visor will help you prevent that. You can remove it when not required.

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What Do We like


Being comfortable in a helmet is one of the first things to start with while purchasing. The inner padding should be soft enough, so it does not irritate your heads even if it is being used for a more extended period. This can also absorb a little sweat if needed.

Rear LED light

The helmet comes built-in with 6 LED bulbs with three different lighting modes – steady, slow flashing, and fast flashing. The bright red light will help people behind you to spot you better and notice from a decent distance to get an understanding of your direction and steer clear of you. This will prevent you from accidents as well.

Pouch bag

This high-end sporty helmet comes with a helmet pouch bag. Very few companies will provide you with a free pouch bag to carry around your helmet when you are not cycling or going outside. This will also keep the helmet in a better condition, which will result in a longer lifespan.

Adjustable regulator

This latest technology helmet comes with an adjustable rotary internal regulator that is placed at the back. You can adjust it up to a certain level to make it fit your head so it does not come off while riding. A secure and fit helmet will be able to protect your head properly.


This is a lightweight helmet manufactured by Victgoal. When you are riding, you don’t want anything heavy on your head to make you slow. It weighs around only 280 grams, which is almost nothing. The soft padding, along with this very little weight, makes this helmet very comfortable to wear.

What We Don’t Like

No negative points were seen so far.


This high-end and premium quality helmet is for professionals. The aerodynamic protection, along with its other features, makes this cycling helmet worth the price. The unique design is very eye-catching, and it is a unisex helmet that is CPSC certified. 

If you have a passion for cycling, then this helmet is something you need. Make sure to go through our article to know more in detail.


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Koushik Mondal

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