Studds Cub SUS_COFH_BLKL Open Face Helmet (Black, L) Review

Studds is one of the oldest helmet manufacturing company that is based in India. It exports its products under Studds brands in more than 20 countries. They also manufacture luggage, gloves, eyewear, etc.

This is an open face helmet from Studds. The black color shines on the hard-coated surface and is also available in different colors and sizes as well. Let’s talk about its features, pros, and cons to know if this product is worth buying or not


High impact exterior

The outer body of this open-face helmet is made of ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) shell that is very lightweight and durable. This material is also known as thermoplastic and can resist heat temperature of up to 95 degrees Celsius. It also works perfectly in lower temperatures, such as -10 degrees Celsius. 

Anti-scratch visor

The high-quality visor that comes built-in with this helmet is made of polycarbonate and is duly silicon hard coated for scratch resistance. This is sturdy and will help you protect from any dust from entering your eyes while riding. It also prevents direct sunlight from reflecting your eyes, so you do not get distracted.

Open-face helmet

This is an open face helmet from Studds with a dynamic ventilation system. The wide eye port area will circulate air that can keep you calm and composed. It helps make you feel comfortable during summer rides as well. The fresh air over your head will stop heat build-up and allows you to remain sweat-free.

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What Do We like

Great comfort

This pocket-friendly Studds helmet comes with EPS (Expanded polystyrene) concussion soft padding on the inside to make you feel comfortable during the ride. The soft padding is anti-allergic velveteen, making it easy to clean and maintain. It offers both comfort and protection.

 The internal liners are removable, which means you can remove them and wash them any time. Also, after a certain period if they get damaged, then you can replace the EPS liners.


Open-face helmets are usually very lightweight than the full-face helmets. This one weighs around 1.34 kg. You can go for long and comfortable rides wearing this premium quality helmet.

Complete protection

The outer ABS shell body that is very sturdy and durable will absorb most of the damage with its high impact resistance properties. On the other hand, the soft inner paddings will also help to secure your head on any impact along with providing comfort to you. The high-quality UV protected visor is also not easily broken and is durable.

Secure straps

This helmet comes with a quick-release chinstrap system like every other modern helmet. The system is easy to use. You can also adjust these straps to tighten or loosen the helmet for a secure fit. Always remember that the more fit and tighten your helmet is, the more secure your head is.


The fittings of a helmet to your head is one of the important aspects. This helmet is available in M (570 mm), L (580 mm), and XL (600 mm) sizes to choose from. You can also measure the size of your head and then compare the size with the size chart of the helmet for the right purchase.

What We Don’t Like

No negative points were seen so far.


The Studds helmet is a pocket-friendly protector of your head with tons of features. This is also available in graphics options to choose from. The premium quality helmet is ISI certified. Please go through our article to know more about this product before you attempt to buy this product. This is a good value for money option that is worth buying.

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Koushik Mondal

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