Cricket Helmets

When we talk about helmets, the first thing that comes to our mind is about bike riding. But apart from Bike riding there are several other reasons to wear a helmet, such as the sport will all love Cricket. Helmets are one of the crucial gears in the kit as it provides protection to your head against the flying ball. Even when it looks small and not necessary to many, getting in the field without a helmet is nothing but risking your own life.

While the batting session, in the 15 yards, a cricket ball might travel more than 90 miles per hour. This actually increases the chances of getting injured. Therefore whether you are a senior or a junior, consider using a helmet every time you get into the field.

There are a few things that you need to check before purchasing any helmet. Quality is the very first thing to check, followed by the fitting on your head to ensure comfort while playing.

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Features that make a cricket helmet worthy buying


Helmet’s shell is the prime thing with the sole purpose of providing shock absorption and maximum protection in an impact. In most helmets, the shell is made by different types of materials, which ensures the batsman is getting the maximum level of protection. This is the layer which acts as the primary shield to take the impact.

The inner shell is designed to absorb the force provided by a ball on the outer shell.


The grill has a similar function to that of a cricket helmet. It offers additional protection so that the ball does not hit straight to the face. This reduces shock absorption when there is an impact. This might even affect the comfort and visibility of the wearer.

This is another reason why crickets are not fond of grills in their helmets. However, it is mandatory to wear in both cases.


The cricket helmets consist of padding that has two main purposes. Primarily it acts as the third protective layer for shock absorption. It minimizes the impact to a huge level. Secondly, this padding enables a tight and comfortable fitting.

This prevents the helmet from moving when there is an impact along with improves the performance.

Chin Strap

 Chin strap is one crucial feature which most players overlook. The sole purpose is securing the helmet to stay at its place. It works similarly like the helmet padding.


Protect your face

Undoubtedly the first and foremost purpose of a cricket helmet is to protect your face. Therefore when you are buying a cricket helmet, you should check the availability of the above mentioned features to ensure your face is fully protected.


The layers of padding inside the cricket helmets add to the comfort. Since these are solely designed to fulfil the purpose, the layers of padding add to the comfort and protection.


These are available in a range of size, and colours. However, since each team has its own set of jerseys, they need to follow it. Nevertheless, you can get a lot of options to choose from.


Cricket helmets are certainly a need for professional cricketers as well as those who love to play cricket. Not only they ensure protection, but also they offer comfort. Since we have a huge assortment of cricket helmets, you can choose one of your choices and play safe.

We have cricket helmets from some of the known brands, therefore take a look at our assortment, and place your order today at the most reasonable price.