Open Face Helmets

Helmets in one word are the “Saviors”. You cannot give up on your passion just because of the risk associated with it. Undeniably accidents are bad dreams for both riders and families, but when taken proper measures and ride safely on roads, you can definitely stay safe.

Talking about protection, the only thing that would protect your face and head are the helmets. Even when you can wear a lot of stuff on your body, but your face and head require a helmet to ensure safety. Helmets not only ensure safety during the bad times but also can add on to the users style. All you need is to make the right choice of helmets.

However, wearing uncomfortable helmets can result in becoming an obstruction to your vision. Therefore you need to buy the one that suits best for all your needs. Helmets are available in a various types namely full face, half face, open face, sports bike and cricket. The first and foremost need is to understand the type you need.

Today we will discuss the open face helmets. Just as the name goes, open face helmets have the face open. These are more like the full face helmets but with more clarity along with other advantages. To help you understand the best choice, today we will discuss the benefits and features that come with open face helmets.

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Advantages of using Open Face Helmets

Improved Visibility

 Open face helmets are generally compared to the full face helmets since they offer improved clarity. It comes with and without visors, thereby offering complete vision without obstacles. Since there is nothing coming in between the open face helmet, you can stay assured of a drive without any obstacle.

Face space

If you are someone who needs constant aeration, open face helmets can be an ideal choice. This is the reason why most of you will not find issues with sweating, and there is a constant circulation of air. It can accurately cover the head along with offering the right viewing space for the riders.


These helmets are easy to wear and can be removed easily, thereby offering flexibility. Moreover, these are extremely light in weight which makes it very easy to carry.

Additional protection 

Undoubtedly, the prime purpose of helmets is to offer complete safety to people, and the open face helmets do that. In a research, it has been studied that wearing helmets reduces the risk associated with a head injury. Besides, it also ensures protection against harsh weather conditions.

Features of the Open face Helmets

Easy buckle removal

No more there is a need for double-D buckle fasteners as now these are being replaced with the single click removal system. It has upgraded the system by saving efforts and time. Therefore no more you need to wait to open your helmet.

Sun protection visor

There is no doubt during the afternoon, sun rays are much stronger, which result in drying the eyes. Preventing this requires a helmet that has the visors which will provide shade without becoming an obstacle.

Anti-bacterial and anti-sweat

Keeping in mind regarding the inner material, these helmets are being constructed making use of the EPS polystyrene, which ensures being super lightweight and breathable. There are certain fabrics available which can easily absorb the sweat. Moreover making use of the proper material inside the helmets prevents bacterial growth along with offering comfort and hygiene.

Reflective material

 In order to offer additional safety, these helmets either come with reflective coating or stickers that tend to glow during the night time. It again becomes a great choice as it alerts everyone else driving because of the coating. Hence at night in darkness, your helmet can be easily visible which therefore can help in eliminating accidents.


Open face helmets are certainly a great addition for the people who are willing to ensure a safe ride. Being designed with proper materials, not only these ensure safety during any mishap but also eliminate the chances of accidents with the additional layer of coating.

So without any further thought, consider buying an open face helmet and ensure protection. You can also have a look at the collection of helmets in our assortment, which includes Steelbird, Vega and Royal Enfield at a reasonable price.


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