Half Face Helmets

Safety is a major concern among people and accidents are one of the nightmares among the riders. Whilst there are several measures that you can take, helmets is one of those common yet highly powerful preventive measures that ensure safety of your face. However since different people have different needs, there are different types of helmets available in the market that suit  their requirements.

Hence, when you want a helmet of your type, you initially need to have knowledge on its types. Different types of helmets which includes full face, half face, open face, sports bike and cricket helmets. Each of the types has its own sets of features and advantages.

In India or outside, there is always a need for riders to prioritize their safety over anything else. Many riders complain regarding the heavyweight of the open and full face helmets, for them half face helmets tend to be an ideal inclusion. The half face helmets are designed keeping in mind the protection along with providing ample aeration.

There are several reasons why riders choose half face helmets over full face and one of the most common reasons is because they sweat a lot. Therefore if you drive regularly and ensure safety nothing but the half face helmets can be an ideal inclusion. For the regular riders, having their helmets on is certainly the safest thing that can be done

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Features of Half Face Helmets


 The half face helmets are being designed in a way to offer aeration along with protection to your head. Most of them are ventilated properly, which ensures air circulation to riders. This ensures comfortable ride along with prevents fatigue. Besides, the aeration provided in the half face helmets ensures odor free helmets.

Strong shell material

This is one of the features that the riders need to check and fortunately the shell material of these helmets are shock resistant and strong. Some of the most common materials used in the making of half face helmets are hard grade plastics, Kevlar, fiberglass and thermoplastic.


 We all know that helmets need to be comfortable enough for a safe ride. Compared to the full face helmets that might be safe but weigh too much to take, half face helmets differ a lot. This is why most of the riders feel uncomfortable to wear helmets but half face helmets are certainly a great choice. They come in a standard size and shape along with offer ultimate protection without being uncomfortable.

High Quality Strap

 There is always a need for using helmets that have been deigned with a high quality strap. Straps are the things which secure the helmets and keep them in a proper position.

Protective shield

 Half face helmets are designed with a shield protection. You can stay assured as this is transparent and does not become an obstruction while you are riding. Also since they are scratch-free, you can stay stress free that the helmet will not get any scratches.

Advantages of half face helmets

Lightweight: The prime advantages of these helmets are their lightweight feature. One can wear this without feeling heavy on their head.


 These are available in a range of shapes and colors. You can choose as per your needs and choice. No more will you have to wear helmets just for protection, as with the choices you can style with it as well.

Easy on your head

 Unlike other heavy helmets that feel uncomfortable, the half face helmets fit bet without making you feel uncomfortable. These are very easy on your head.


Half face helmets are certainly a great addition for people who feel uncomfortable wearing a full face helmet. The range of brands available in the market namely Vega, Royal Enfield, Studds and Steelbird now you can choose a helmet as per your choice.

You can also have a look at our assortment to find the best fitted helmet at the ost reasonable price in the market.