Royal Enfield Open Face with Visor Helmet (HEAW17004) Review

Royal Enfield is an Indian automaker company that has been manufacturing top quality motorcycles since the very beginning. It is based in Chennai and also produces motorcycle gears such as helmets, gloves, etc.

This Royal Enfield open face helmet is a premium quality high-end helmet. This comes with tons of features and a stylish design. Let’s talk about its features, pros, and cons to know it is worth buying or not.

Tough material

The exterior body of this Royal Enfield helmet is made with ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) shell, which is very lightweight and durable. It is widely used for helmet production and has maximum damage absorption capability on impact. This robust and sturdy outer body material will save your head from any injury. The helmet covers the back of your head too.


This helmet is made with premium quality materials that need no maintenance at all. The hard-coated helmet is very easy to clean using a clean cloth, and the inside padding can be removed and washed as well to keep them clean. 


This durable helmet comes with a top-quality visor that will protect you from many things. It prevents dust and sunlight from compromising your vision. Also, in rainy seasons you will be able to see clearly and can drive safely.

Aerodynamic design

In this modern era, a high-end helmet will surely come with an aerodynamic design. This means the structure of the helmet is shaped as the airflow trajectory, so the air could pass over it with offering minimum resistance to it. This is an advanced technology that is ideal for professional riders.

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What Do We like

Great comfort

The inside of this helmet is covered with soft polyester and knit-mesh cushioned liners that will provide you the maximum comfort when you wear it. The cushions are very soft and cover the whole area. You can go for a long ride wearing this helmet, and it won’t irritate your head at all.

Complete protection

The outer body of this helmet is made with superior quality materials. The fiberglass/carbon fiber/ABS shells are very durable and sturdy. They will absorb maximum impact to save your head from any traumatizing injuries. Also, the soft inner cushions, along with this sturdy outer body, will become the last line of defense to protect your head.

Secure fit

The premium quality straps of this helmet is a micro-metric adjustable chin strap. This is very easy to use and comes with a jaw protector that is also covered with soft cushions. You can adjust this strap to fit your head up to a certain level to ensure maximum protection. 


It is a very lightweight helmet that weighs around 850 grams. This ensures comfort while riding.

Classic Aesthetics

This helmet is engineered features a modern classic design with maximum protection and comfort in it. This open face helmet will allow you to enjoy your ride. You can easily match the color to your bike as well. It is very stylish, efficient, and affordable.

What We Don’t Like


The quality of the helmet was not up to the mark. The visor caused haziness and visual issues.


The sturdy build of this helmet ensures maximum protection. Starting from its classic design to the hassle-free maintenance, this is a good value for money product. The features justify the price range as well. This helmet comes with a 1-year warranty, and if you are looking for a premium product withing this budget, then undoubtedly go for it.

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Koushik Mondal

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