Studds Downtown D1 Half Face (White N2, XL) Review

Studds is one of the oldest companies in Indian history founded in 1975 and is an online market where you can buy motorcycle gears. They are based in Haryana and have more than 40 years of experience.

This Studds downtown is a graphics helmet that is stylish and provides protection as well. This is a mid-range product, and we will talk about its features, pros, and cons to know if the product is worth buying or not.

Super tough exterior

The outer body of this helmet is made with very tough ABS shell material. It is lightweight and can resist high and low temperatures as well. This material can absorb the maximum damage, ensuring safety. The high-quality material provides you with maximum protection.

Half face helmet

This is a half-face helmet that needs no other ventilation apart from this. The wide eye port will help circulate the cool air over your head to make you keep calm and relaxed while riding. It prevents heat build-up during summer and gives you better comfort.


The built-in visor will not only protect your eyes from the direct sunlight and UV rays. Also, it will make sure no dust can penetrate it, and in rainy seasons once you close the visor, no raindrops will make it inside. You can drive without any problems. 

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What Do We like

Great comfort

This helmet comes with soft inner cushions on the interior that provides comfort. Your head or face won’t feel irritated by these soft inner padding when you wear it.

Complete protection

This is an ISI certified helmet that provides you with the finest protection. The outer ABS shell can handle heavy collisions and minimizes damage. The thick inner padding will protect your head in case of an impact. The protection level of this helmet is beyond comparison. The inner padding is anti-allergic, making it comfortable.

Secure fit

This is an extra-large helmet, measuring 60 cm. Make sure you know the correct size of the helmet you are going to need. Measure your head from an inch above the eyebrow using a -measurement tape to know the exact size. 

Secure straps

The straps that come built-in this helmet is of premium quality. The jaw protector with soft padding is placed above the straps. These secured straps will make sure that the helmet does not come off while you are riding.


The outer body durable material and premium quality soft cushions make the helmet lightweight. This weighs around 1.62 kg. 

What We Don’t Like


Users have complained that the inner padding and lack of ventilation make the helmet uncomfortable during long rides.



This helmet from Studds is a pretty decent product at this price range. It looks very stylish and is a graphics helmet. The ultra-solid outer body is safe for your head. The interior of this helmet comes with a soft inner padding that will not only make you comfortable but also act as the last line of defense on any impact to save you from any injury.

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Koushik Mondal

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