Studds KS-1 Metro Helmet Review

Studds is a very old company that manufactures top-quality motorcycle gears. This company is based in Haryana, India, and has more than 40 years of experience in this field. The high-quality helmets with the latest cutting edge feature are what make this company one of the best.

This black colored helmet comes with tons of features loaded into it. Starting from the aesthetic design of the helmet to the comfort and protection, it is nothing less than a premium quality product. Let’s talk about its features, pros, and cons to know if it is worth buying or not.

Sturdy exterior

This outer body of this helmet is made out of sturdy and durable ABS shell. The materials are fiberglass, ABS shell, and carbon fiber. These materials are light yet very durable. They come with the ability to handle heavy collision and absorb damage. Your head will be protected, reducing the chances of you getting hurt.

Anti-scratch visor

This helmet comes with a top-quality anti-scratch visor that will protect your eyes from direct sunlight that can distract you from the road. It will also prevent dust from reaching your eyes. Also, in rainy seasons you will be able to see the road.

Half face helmet

This is a half-face helmet, and this is why there is no dedicated ventilation on this helmet. The wide eye port of this helmet lets the air spread all over your head to make you calm and help you to go sweat-free. This ventilation system prevents heat build-up during summers.

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What Do We like

Super comfortable

The soft inner padding and knit mesh cushioned liner ensure better comfort. The anti-allergenic internal liners are hygienic and easy to clean. Apart from comfort, it also protects your head and saves you from any traumatizing injury. The helmet ensures zero head fatigue and is ideal if you are wearing this all day long.

Complete protection

The hard-coated thermoplastic outer body and top quality inner anti-allergenic soft padding ensure maximum protection. This is one of the finest helmets when it comes to your protection. The sturdy exterior is tough and can absorb most of the damage on heavy collision. The EPS padding and scratch-resistant visor will also protect you.

Secure fit

This helmet comes in a large size, measuring 60 cm. It will protect you properly as long as it fits you.


The straps that come with this helmet is of decent quality. They are adjustable so you can make it fit your head as per requirements. Tighten or your helmet or loosen it using these straps. They will ensure that the helmet does not come off while riding for maximum protection.


This is a very lightweight helmet that is made of ABS shell. The robust outer body, along with the thick internal soft paddings, makes it comfortable and lightweight as well. It weighs around 1.58 kg. This is recommended for long rides and will not cause you discomfort at all.

What We Don’t Like

Chin pads

This mid-range helmet from Studds does not come with a chin pad along with the secured straps. This means your chin/jaw is exposed and is not adequately protected as it should.


This Studds KS-1 black helmet is very uniquely designed and stylish. Every material of this helmet is of premium quality and gives a premium outlook as well. It ensures maximum protection and comfort. This is an ideal product for people who loves to ride.

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Koushik Mondal

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