Audio-Technica ATH-M40X Professional Over-ear Headphone Review

The Audio Technica ATH-M40X Professional Studio Monitor Over-Ear Headphone is a very classic headphone. The black color of the headphone gives a very cool look to the user.

The headphone consists of the 40mm neodymium driver unit. The weight of the headphones without cables and connectors is only 240g. The frequency response of the headphones is 15-24,000 Hz.

The studio experience of a user is enhanced with superior sound isolation and swiveling earcups. The headphones are engineered with pro-grade materials and robust construction. It comes with detachable cables. The M40x is brilliant for professional studio tracking and mixing, as well as DJ’ing.

Driver Unit

The headphones are consisting of the 40 mm driver unit with rare earth magnets and copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils, which provide the superior quality of the sound. The user can easily enjoy the music as the audio is obvious. It gives the facility to the user to enjoy every beat of the music.


The headphones are consisting of the professional-grade earpad and headband materials, which deliver more durability and comfort to the users. The earpads are designs in such a way that it provides excellent comfort to user and help in preventing the other environmental sound.

Detachable Cables

The headphones are consisting of the 1.2m-3.0m coiled cables and 3.0 straight cable, which are removable and can be kept aside when headphone is not in use.

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What Do We like

Easily Foldable

The headphones have a facility of folding, which means that they can be easily folded and carried anywhere.

Sound Quality

The headphones have an excellent quality of the bass. It has a 40mm neodymium driver unit, which provides a clear and loud sound.

Long Cable

The headphones are provided with a long straight cable, which makes it easy for a user that they can keep their device at some distance and enjoy their music.


The design is unique. It has an extending headband to adjust to the head of various users. The earcups are swiveling, and the headphone is foldable, and it has a circumaural design.

What We Don’t Like

Poor Treble

It does not provide good treble, which affects the sound quality as with bass, treble is also an important aspect.


The AudioTechnica ATH-M40X headphones have excellent quality. They are designed by keeping all the comforts of the user in mind. The headphone consists of the 40mm neodymium driver unit, which provides the high quality of the bass, which brings life to the music.

The earpads are very comfortable as they can be used for a longer time without causing any kind of pain in the ear and head. The cables are detachable and very long. It has a circumaural design which ensures excellent sound isolation.

The headphones are easily foldable and can be easily carried. These headphones are very classic and good to use for a more extended period.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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