Prestige Partner Plastic Food Processor Review

Prestige Partner food processor has a perfect mix of style and performance. Chop, slice, knead, grate, blend, grind, and much more with this fantastic product. If you think this is just another food processor, then you are in for a surprise. In the package, you will find several accessories, including three jars of different capacities. Not yet convinced about the product? Let us have a look at some of the features to look forward to from Prestige Partner.

Powerful Motor

Perhaps a standout feature is a powerful motor installed in this food processor. Prestige Partner has an inbuilt motor rated 1000 watts, which is one and a half times as powerful as an average food processor. The motor runs about 18,000 revolutions within one minute, enough to chop, grate, knead or slice your content in seconds. Before you buy the product, make sure you have a power supply of 240 volts and 50 Hertz. Otherwise, it won’t work as expected.

Accessories and Attachments

Prestige Partner features many accessory components to make your kitchen experience even better. There is one blender jar, one dry grinding jar, and one chutney jar. It also has a variety of discs to choose from – one shredder disc, a slicer disc, and a chipping disc. In terms of blades, you will be treated with one chopper blade and a kneader blade. Besides these fantastic inclusions, there is also a citrus juicer attachment.


This feature is probably a priority for you as a buyer, so let us see how Prestige Partner compares with other food processors in this department. As stated earlier, there are three jars available. One of the jars is for blending and has a capacity of one and a half liters. The other two jars are for grinding and chutney, and they have volumes of one liter and 500 ml, respectively. 

Multi-Speed Control

Prestige Partner food processor has a speed control knob from which you can choose your desired level. Of course, the speed level will depend on the type and hardness of the content you are working on.

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What Do We like

Powerful Motor

One thing that we liked about this food processor is the wattage of its motor. With a rating of 1000 watts, the product can deal with a variety of ingredients without struggling.

Saves Time

Along with chopping, slicing and juicing, it also has feature of Kneading which generally takes a good amount of time, so with this food processor you can carry on with other process while its kneading for you.


The appearance is usually not a priority when buying kitchen appliances, but you’ve got to appreciate the design of the Prestige Partner food processor. It has been created with a glossy look to make your kitchen look neat and classy. 

What We Don’t Like


The durability of this product seems to be an issue, given the quality of its plastic and other components. It might not last as long as you would like, especially if you are planning to use it regularly.


Are you impressed with this food processor? Well, our opinion is that it is an excellent product with a wide range of features to offer. The power generated by its motor and the overall design of the product is some of its main benefits. However, it has a shortcoming when it comes to durability. The plastic material used in its design is not able to resist impacts for a long time. Nonetheless, it is still an amazing option if this is your first time shopping for such appliances.

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