Inalsa Kitchen Master Food Processor Review

Inalsa has been making efforts over the years to make sure that they offer high-quality products. Such commitment and professional services are reflected in this amazing product. Inalsa Kitchen Master food processor is your ideal kitchen companion as it comes with all basic and some unique features.

Everything ranging from its power utilization to its capacity is worth the investment. So, why are more customers attracted to this food processor? We will look at that and more in our review article today. Also, if you have doubts on whether this product will give you value for your money read on to find out more.



Perhaps one of the main things you should always check before buying any food processor is how much content it can hold. Inalsa Kitchen Master has a bowl with a 2.4-liter capacity. That means you can process up to ten cups of ingredients in one go. 

Number of Jars

You get three jars as part of the accessories. These containers include a chutney grinder jar, wet/dry grinder jar, and a blender jar. The latter is transparent and has a capacity of 1.5 liters while the rest are 0.4 and 1.0 liters respectively (chutney and dry/wet grinders). 


Another important consideration is the power consumption and the correct supply. You will need a supply of about 240 volts, which is basically your normal domestic mains supply. The processor is also rated at 1000 watts, which means it can consume one unit ((1 KWhr) every hour. 

Child-Safe Lock

If you have children in your home, then it might be a good idea to get appliances that favour your situation. Inalsa Kitchen Master certainly does that with its child-safe lock mechanism. With this feature, your children will not be able to operate or risk being injured by the food processor.


The food processor, like most Inalsa products, comes with a wide range of accessories. Some of the components include kneading and chopper blades. It also comes with five disc blades that can be used to accomplish various operations. 

Overload Protection

In the past, food processors would easily get damaged because motors drew excess current when overworked. In the process, some crucial components would be “fried” and deem the whole product useless. However, due to technological improvements, modern food processors like Inalsa Kitchen Master come with overload protection mechanisms to prevent this problem.

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What Do We like

Overload Protection

One thing that we love about Inalsa Kitchen Master is the overload protection feature which helps in ensuring the safety of the equipment. 

Child-Safe Lock

Another addition that is not common with most food processors is the child-safe lock mechanism. As such, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your children when they are around the machine.

What We Don’t Like


The capacity of some of the jars (dry/wet and chutney grinders) could be improved to favor the customers. 


In conclusion, Inalsa Kitchen Master comes armed with several quality features, some of which are not available in other food processors. The power consumption of the product’s motor is top notch and the conversion rate of this power to output is also one of the best. The capacity, on the other hand, is not the largest, especially the grinder jars. The blender jar, however, is big enough to serve a family of more than four people. Depending on your needs, Inalsa Kitchen Master might be a perfect fit for you.

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