Inalsa INOX Food Processor Review

If you are looking to prepare your loved ones a great recipe, then the Inalsa INOX food processor is the best place to start. Equipped with a variety of accessories, one can do a wide range of tasks with this product. The blades can do more than just chopping and slicing, and that is part of the reasons why more customers are attracted to this product. In the article today we are going to explore some of the features of Inalsa INOX, its benefits, and cons.

Powerful Motor

Inalsa INOX comes with one of the most powerful motors in the market. It is rated at1000 watts, which means it has enough ability to grind and blend the food ingredients with tough materials. The output that you get from the processor is also proportional to the power used.

Multipurpose Blades

It is also fitted with some blades that are designed to accomplish any task effectively. The multipurpose blades can chop, slice, or do anything else relevant to the food processor and still maintain the high-quality output.


There is nothing better than knowing that you have full control of how your food processor operates. Inalsa INOX food processor has a speed control unit that regulates how fast the motor should run. The speed level you choose will depend on the demands set by the food content you want to blend or grind using the processor.


Inalsa INOX has three dedicated jars, which a standard number for any food processor out there. The three include a grinder, chutney, and a blender jar. You can use them for their recommended purpose and you won’t regret the results. The capacity of these jars can sustain a small family size (dry/wet grinder – 1 liter, chutney – 0.4 liters, and blender jar – 1.5 liters).

Five Discs

The food processor has five discs that can be installed and used for their recommended functions. The multipurpose discs have been proven by most customers to provide an amazing end result.

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What Do We like

High-Quality Motor

Rated at 1000 watts, the motor installed in Inalsa INOX drives the components connected to it without struggling even when given tougher tasks.

Efficient Performance

A combination of a powerful motor, high-quality blades and discs give Inalsa INOX one of the best output values in the market.

Compact Design

Another thing we like about this food processor is its compact design. The sleekness and quality design materials will give your kitchen the best appearance.

What We Don’t Like


Despite having several benefits, its noise production is higher than most food processors that go for a similar price.


Inalsa INOX food processor is known for its unique and highly-rated features. One of the features is the number of discs and blades, which is one of the highest today. As such, you can do more with your new Inalsa INOX considering that it also has a powerful motor that consumes 700 watts. However, this motor could be the reason why the food processor is quite noisy – which might not be a big deal for some people. If you are interested in buying a new food processor, you can consider Inalsa INOX.

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