Philips HL1661 Food Processor Review

Do you take too much time while preparing your ingredients before cooking? Why not get yourself a new Philips HL1661 food processor and complete your cooking tasks in no time? This food processor comes with several amazing features that any user will like to have in their kitchen. Apart from its design and price, many other things keep attracting new customers to try out this product. Today we will look at the main features and some of the benefits of owning a Philips HL1661 food processor.


Powerful Motor

Philips HL1661 is powered by a 700-watt motor that can drive the blades and discs during any task. As such, the whole food processor is very efficient at what it does. The motor and the food processor as a whole work with a power supply of between 220 and 240 volts. You should also be careful with the frequency of your mains since Philips HL1661 is designed for a 50Hz supply.

PowerChop Technology

Most modern food processors come with improved features for better performance. Philips did their part by including a PowerChop technology that combines the shape of the blade, the cutting angle, and the inner bowl to provide superior chopping results. It can deal with both soft and hard ingredients and still maintain the quality of its output.

Compact Design

Food processing appliances should not be a hindrance to other tasks in your kitchen. As such, Philips HL1661 is quite small in size and can perfectly fit your shelf without having to sacrifice other stuff. The design is also sleek and gives your home a stylish appearance.


The motor speed is high enough to prepare your ingredients or blend the food materials within a short period. You can also select between two-speed settings depending on the thickness and toughness of your ingredients. The first level (the lowest speed) can beat eggs, whip cream, or create pastries. The second level of speed can be used for ingredients such as onions and vegetables or blend soup.


If you are looking to buy a food processor for the first time, some of the things that might be on top of your priority list are washing and assembly. The disc inserts, shred, and slice is all easy to assemble and does not require any technical skills. Washing these accessories is also not the toughest job you can do since they are dishwasher-safe.

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What Do We like

Easy to Assemble and Wash

The process of assembling the accessories is pretty straightforward, and they are also washable since they are not easily stained.

Powerful Chopping Technology

Philips HL1661 is equipped with the PowerChop technology, which helps the food processor effectively deal with any form of ingredients.

What We Don’t Like

No Grinder Jar

The main and perhaps the only drawback is that the food processor does not have a chutney jar. As such, one might be forced to buy an extra accessory if they are looking to grind some ingredients.


Based on the features listed in this article, it is clear that this food process from Philips has a lot to offer. The main feature is the PowerChop technology, which ranks it far ahead of most food processors within the price range. If you are one of those that find washing a difficult task, then you might be pleased with the accessories of Philips HL1661. They are easy to clean and rarely leave any stains. The only disadvantage is the fact that it does not come with a chutney jar.

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