Rico Food Processor 700-Watt with Coconut Scraper and Juicer Review

Chopping and cutting are tedious and time-consuming task, which most people tend to avoid. Food processors are a boon to all, which enables the preparation of food in just a few minutes. These are in trend as they make cooking easier and fun.

Rico food processors are available at a reasonable price. The brand can be easily trusted upon as it has made a significant mark in the electronics market. The Rico 700-watt food processor is ideal for every household.

Quick grind technology 

The processor comes with a 700-watt powerful motor and Japanese quick grind technology to ensure fast and fine grinding and chopping functions. 

100% copper motor

Copper is very durable, and it is anti-corrosive to withstand high pressures. It has a low maintenance cost, provides the best grinding and mixing results instantly. It keeps the motor rust free.

Premium Components

The premium parts of the processor include a two-speed selector knob with a whipper option and a jar flow breaker. These parts help in reducing chunks while mincing and grinding. Premium components increase the durability and life of the processor.

Anti Slip and sharp blades

The processor’s anti-slip blade ensures optimum grip, and the super sharp multi-functional blades facilitate all functions like chopping, grinding, blending, mincing, etc.

Safety lock system

It comes with an in-built safety lock system, which ensures that the processor or grinder will not start until it has been appropriately locked.

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What Do We like


The processor comes with versatile blades to facilitate different activities like dough kneading. It helps prepare dough for chapatis. The chopping blade finely chops vegetables while the shredding blade and the mashing blade provide finely shredded greens.


The processor comes with a two-year warranty that includes the product, including plastic components, which no other company except Rico provides.

Great design

The processor has been ergonomically designed to complement modern kitchen and cooking. It is not only elegant but also durable as it is made of a strong polycarbonate body and 100% copper motor.

Low Noise 

The processor comes with a European standard low noise feature and design, which enables the processor to function smoothly without vibrations while mincing and grinding.

What We Don’t Like

Plastic blades

The two centrifugal blades are made of plastic. Hence, they are not as durable when compared to steel blades.

Poor quality plastic

The processor is made of cheap quality plastic, which starts peeling off after a few uses.


The feature-packed processor makes cooking a lot easier and convenient. It comes with an in-built lock mechanism to ensure safety. The multipurpose blades facilitate different cutting, chopping, and shredding activities.

It also comes with a 100% copper powerful motor of 750W. The Japanese quick grind technology and the European standard low noise feature makes cooking a lot more fun and easy. The processor is made of premium components and a super sharp anti-slip blade that ensures optimum grip.

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Purba Bhattacharjee

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