Braun Series 3 300S Electric Shaver Review

There are times when we accidentally hurt ourselves while shaving. This is because the shavers are harsh on the skin and mostly lack the safety features that we need to avoid such situations.

Say goodbye to those harsh shavers as now the market is full of gentle yet efficient electric shavers. Braun Series 3 300S Electric Rechargeable Shaver For Men, it is undeniably one of the best shavers out there.

It has modern features and a well-built body that guarantees super durability. Aside from that, you will be secured while shaving because the shaver has surpassed tremendous standard checks that ensure your safety. So the next time that you will shave, you will not encounter those annoying cuts anymore.


Light Indicator

This feature will let you know the current status of your shaver, especially in charging or if it is turned on or not.

Quick Charging

Its charging time is pretty quick so that you can use this shaver immediately, especially when you are in a rush.

Cordless Operation

You do not have to plug it in the outlet while in use, making it super portable.

Intelligent Shaving

It can capture a larger amount of hair in just a single stroke lessening the chances of irritation.

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What Do We like

Comfortable to Hold

The ergonomic handle is responsible for the easy gripping that you will experience in this shaver.

Quiet While in Use

Expect that you will not hear annoying noises while you are using this shaver. It is superbly quiet and desirable to use anytime


This shaver does not consume that much power, giving you the ability to use the shaver for more extended periods.


The compact-size that it has will make this shaver fit in tight spaces so that you can bring them outdoors.

Very Hygienic

This shaver is washable, meaning you can clean it easily without any complexities. This will give you a much cleaner shave that is free from bacteria and other foreign objects.

Gentle on Skin

It is made of hypoallergenic materials; that’s why it is guaranteed that you will not experience any irritations when using it.

Spare Parts are Widely Available

Maintaining it is superbly comfortable because its spare parts and replacement foil is available locally.

What We Don’t Like

There are no negative points found on this product.


This shaver is compact, has a great design and its battery life can stay charged for up to 3 shaves depending on the length of beards.

If you are genuinely looking to buy an electric shaver, we suggest that you buy it now and see the benefits unfold right in front of your eyes. One thing is for sure; you will never regret purchasing this fantastic product.

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