Braun Mobile Shaver M90 Review

When we talk about men grooming, shaving is most probably on the top list. Since shaving can do a lot to change men’s appearance, it should not be taken for granted.

One way of achieving your desired results in shaving is by having a reliable shaver that you can utilize regularly. When it comes to that, Braun is truly a great choice. It has the quality that will bring you to new heights of thrill and satisfaction.

Introducing the Braun Mobile Shaver-M90, it is one of the best shavers out there that you can buy to give you some ease while shaving. It is made out of the finest materials that guarantee the best results. But before you buy it, let us talk more about it by discussing its features and advantages.


Auto-Lock Feature

This is an added safety for its users; it locks the shaver automatically when not in use, preventing any accidents from happening.

Wide Base

It allows you to store your shaver vertically when not in use to save some space.

On and Off Indicator

This lets you know the current status of your shaver if it is turned on or not.

Slide-on Cover

It will protect the head from getting damaged when you are not using the shaver. This will also keep it clean while in storage, avoiding any dust to intrude its inside components.

Cordless Operation

The advantage of this shaver is that you can use it independently without the need for plugging it on the outlet at all times.

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What Do We like


The good thing about this electric shaver is its ability to perform quietly despite its excellent efficiency.


The small-size that it has will allow you to be with your shaver whenever you want to go outdoors.


It is known for its high energy efficiency, which will let you use it for extended periods in a single charge.

Ergonomic Handle and Easy to Use

This shaver has an ergonomic handle that will let you grip it with ease without getting your hands sore. You can use this shaver without having a hard time because of its easy to understand components.


You can wash this shaver once it is dirty to give you a much hygienic shaving experience away from germs and unwanted hairs.

Gentle on the Skin

It has gentle components that will prevent the occurrences of rashes and cuts.

Not Hard to Maintain

Its replacement foils can be easily bought locally and very affordable as well.

What We Don’t Like

Using Shaving Foam or Cream is a Must

Make sure that you use shaving foam or cream before you shave so that there will be a lubricant as its heads move fierce and strong when in use.


Now you have the idea of how amazing this shaver is, then the next course of action is to buy it now. The shaver has a good battery life and is light and compact. It will be a perfect travel companion for you. Hope this article helps you in making the right buying decision

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