Braun BT5090 Beard Trimmer for Men Review

Braun is known for offering great quality personal care product, especially beard shavers. They also provide good customer service that ensures all request are answered on time. Here we have reviewed Braun BT5090, this trimmer comes with four times more precision for your style. It has up to 25 exact length settings to create your style. The trimmer has two easy to adjust click and lock trimming combs. It produces an even, exact, reliable, and repeatable result whenever it is used. It has a unique slide and style which lets you style your beard with an even slide.


Slide-out detail trimmer

The trimmer comes with a slide-out detail trimmer and it is accompanied by a comb for easy and efficient styling of your beard lines. The good thing about this feature is, it rims the beards effectively.

Rechargeable batteries

This trimmer has a powerful Ni-MH battery for effective operation. The rechargeable batteries come with an hour of full charge and 50-minute battery usage.

25 length setting

It comes with a 25 length setting for styling your beard. The precision dial allows you to use these 25 length settings to create your style.

Easy click and lock system

The two easy to click and lock trimming combs allow you to adjust the trimmer to 25 settings which allows you to have the desired look.

Corded and cordless operation

This trimmer provides good use of the device and ensures you don’t run out of power when it is in use. It delivers a comfortable and convenient trimming when both the cord and the cordless feature is used.

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What Do We like

Fully washable

It comes with fully washable parts for easy cleaning. It keeps the trimming clean and shiny at all times.


It comes with multicolor design. It is sleek and durable to use. The trimmer has a comfortable grip and ensures all delicate areas are trim effectively.

What We Don’t Like

Sometimes the trimmer gets stuck in a very thick beard.


This trimmer comes with an impressive style when it is used with a precise comb dial. It helps remove the hair and keep the appliance neat. The hair clipping attachment works fine and helps when we are too busy to visit the barber. The battery works well and can be used regularly.

The blades are built to last long and also provide a high-performance precision when it is used.

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