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Leaving a timepiece as an heirloom passing on from father to son through generations has been an age-old tradition. It has both a practical and sentimental appeal to it. In modern times the aesthetic aspect of the watch also comes into play. Here we have provided you with some of the best watches suited for men. Read below and choose one either for gifting or for personal use.

1. Skmei Men's & Boy's Watch

This watch is digital and analog and offers a variety of features and functions including EL light button, mode button and a reset button.

This watch also has a Chrono facility and comes with a start and stop button. It has a date and week digital display.

You can also use this watch to set alarms which is a handy feature. The thickness of the dial is 17 mm and the width is 50mm.

The band is made of imported soft comfortable resin and is 20 mm in width with a stainless steel buckle. The case material is made with stainless steel and has a diameter of 46 mm.

Both 12 and 24-hour clock is available on the watch. Hard and pressure tolerant transparent resin glass are used to cover the dial.

The watch uses a Japanese battery which gives it greater accuracy and more power. It is 50 meter water-resistant and so you can use it while swimming, showering or diving.

2. Casio Analog Men's Watch

If you are looking for a classy analog watch for daily wear, your search ends here. This Casio analog watch MTP-1374HD-2AVIF offers stunning looks and features along with durability.

The watch is built using stainless steel and comes with a black analogue dial for easy reading.

The silver band and glass dial add to the look. The watch is water-resistant up to 50 meters. With its fold-over clasp, the watch stays secured on the wrist.

3. Eddy Hager Men's Watch 

This manly stainless steel silver watch comes with the traditional stainless steel band with a sliding clasp to fit the watch as per your requirement.

The dial colour is black and it is 39 mm by 46 mm, so a considerably large dial for a more pronounced and masculine look. It has a date and day calendar in it as well.

4. Timex Men's Watch

This wrist watch is designed specifically for men and looks smart and masculine with a stitched brown leather band and a brass case.

The dial is white and it offers both the 12 and 24 hour day format for your convenience. It has a number dial which makes it easier to read.

A small dial also indicates the day of the week, a small but convenient feature. It is a quartz analog watch and runs on battery.

However, the pin on the side needs to be pushed twice to start the watch, this helps preserve the battery when not in use. The watch is also water resistant and can sustain a depth of 30 meters.

5. Fossil Men's Watch

This watch is ideal for men who love sleek wrist watches. It has a brown band and a rare blue dial with markers to denote time.

The watch comes in a stainless steel case with 44 mm diameter and the dial is covered with mineral glass. It is a quartz analog variety with interchangeable compatibility of 22 mm.

It offers water resistance up to 50 meters.

It is great for gifting as it comes in colourful printed square tin cases. To start the watch you should remove the plastic from the crown.

6. Fastrack Men's Watch 

This silver coloured stainless steel wrist watch has a white round dial and mineral glass. The band is made with stainless steel with a diver’s buckle clasp to hold the band together.

This watch is a traditional quartz analog wrist watch with a water tolerance for 50 meter depth. The case material is 11.8 mm thick, 52 mm in length and 45 mm in width.

7. Sonata Men's Watch 

This carefully crafted sleek men’s watch comes with a black dial and black stainless steel band. It has three stones right above the 12 hour mark to add that extra bit of luxury.

It comes in a stainless steel round case with 8.60 mm thickness, 45.30 mm length and a width of 39.70 mm.

The watch is quartz with an analog display. Water resistance of this watch is for up to 30 meters.


Are analog watches better than the digital watches?

Analog and digital watches actually display time differently, while one uses the traditional moving hour, minute and second hand to display time, the digital watch shows the time directly in a number format.

Though this is the primary difference there are other smaller nuances that you need to be aware of when buying a wrist watch.

If it is a battery-powered watch then the battery consumption in the digital watch is less compared with the analog variety.

Though there is no guarantee, on average the battery of an analog watch lasts for 2 years whereas the battery life of digital watches is around 4 to 5 years.

The other advantage of a digital watch is that it can offer a variety of functions while the analog variety has restricted display options.

In short, the choice of digital or analog is based on the purpose of use. The truth, however, is that the traditional and aesthetic analog watches are more popular and coveted.


What is the Chrono feature in watches?

To understand this we will have to first talk a little bit about the analog and chronograph functionality.

Analog watches display time with the help of the second and minutes hand, the chronograph however does not just give the time it measures the time.

The Chrono feature in a watch primarily will help you measure the time-lapse and not just the time. So, most of the watches with Chrono feature work as a stopwatch.


Is a brass casing better than stainless steel casing?

Both brass and stainless steel are alloys. In brass cases, a special layer called patina is formed, a layer that forms over time and adds a unique vintage feel to your watch.

It also protects it from corrosion, but this layer can be wiped clean with specific brass cleaning chemicals as well.

So, if you do not want the antique look and feel on your watch you should opt for the stainless steel casing.

But again for the divers brass casing is better (bronze is best as it has more copper). This is because copper is less susceptible to corrosion from seawater.

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