Best Ring Lights For Videography

Ring lights help you take professional-quality videos using your smartphone. Lighting plays a significant role in deciding the quality of your video. This is where ring lights prove to help mobile videographers. You can use the ring light to shoot your YouTube videos or your social media videos. The ring light is also equally useful in mobile phone photography. Below we have listed the top ring lights available online for you to choose from.

1. DIGITEK 18" Professional LED Ring Light With 2 Color Modes

This is a bi-color LED light. This ring light is lightweight and portable, making it travel-friendly. This ring light is mountable to a grip head or stand.

There are 240 LED bulbs in this ring light. The ring light uses a unique LED SMD design. The product comes with an AC power cable, smartphone mount, hot shoe mount, carry bag, and a user manual.

It is possible to change the intensity of light, color temperature using button controls. The smartphone holder is a 360-degree rotatable holder. It is possible to set the phone vertically or horizontally without removing the phone from the holder.

Color temperatures could be varied between 3200 to 5600k. It works on AC power as well as lithium-ion batteries.

2. Coroid LED Ring Light

Coroid LED ring light is your ideal choice if you like to take pictures and videos on your smartphone. It has a 10 inch LED ring light and nine feet stand. You can choose from three light modes, white, warm white and warm yellow.

It requires 12W power and comes with a USB interface for connectivity. It is made from ABS and carbon steel for durability. It also comes with a mobile phone holder to secure the cell while shooting videos. The tripod length can also be adjusted according to your need.

3. Tygot 10" LED Ring Light

The Tygot ring light is a lightweight and affordable option to satisfy your lighting needs for shooting videos, photography or streaming. The wide colour temperature range, multiple modes and brightness adjustment options provide the best lighting effect.

It comes with touch button controls for varying intensity, colour and brightness. The ring emits a soft light that enhances your look and makes you look better.

4. Venganza 10 Inches LED Ring with 7 Feet Foldable and Lightweight Tripod Stand

This is a 10-inch LED ring light. It is suitable for a camera, phone, and youTube video shooting. It can also be used for makeup purposes.

The LED ring light uses a dichromatic LED. It is possible to customize the color temperature. You can also change the brightness level by simple rotation.

The LED ring light comes with an angle-adjusting handle. The handle helps in adjusting the angle of the light according to your need. The LED ring light is supplied with a 7 ft foldable tripod stand.

The smartphone holder can be rotated 360-degrees. It is possible to change the smartphone’s angle from vertical to horizontal mode without removing the phone from the phone holder. The smartphone holder works with most smartphones.

It has three light modes, white, warm, and normal. The ring light is powered through a USB cable. It works with laptops, mobile power banks, and even wall chargers.

5. Avika Selfie Enhancing Ring Light with 3 Level of Brightness

This is a selfie light ring with three highlight LED bulbs. This can be used as a supplemental light or for side lighting for creative photography and videography. This ring light does not generate heat even after continuous use.

This is small enough to be carried in a pocket or bag. It is compatible with all cell phones. This selfie ring light can be clipped to the mobile phone when it needs to be used.

The light intensity could be adjusted between 5000k and 7000k. The ring light is made of high quality, durable plastic.

6. Praxan SQ636 Portable & Lightweight LED Ring

This ring light works in three color modes. It can be switched between cool white, warm white, and daylight modes.

Under each lighting mode, there are eleven adjustable brightness levels. The ring light uses a dichromatic LED, allowing easy customization of the color temperature and brightness levels. To make the required adjustments, the light has to be rotated.

It comes with a flexible angle adjustable handle. The ring light can be used as a self-timer lamp too. This is a USB powered device. It can be plugged into your laptop, PC, power banks, or USB chargers. It comes with on-cord power on/off button and mode switching button.

Best Ring Light Buying Guide

Ring lights have become the need of the hour, with mobile videography and photography become common. Whether you are a professional Youtuber or a selfie-monger, you could certainly do with a good ring light.

The industry offers various types of ring lights. You may need to patiently review the features and the options before making your choice.


Light And Temperature Modes

Ring lights come with multiple light and temperature modes. It is worth considering a model with the highest number of modes. It will make your ring light versatile.

The most common options available are white, warm, and normal. The brightness level under each mode should be adjustable.

Some of them come with a single fixed brightness level under each mode. Go for a model that comes with adjustable brightness levels.


Device Power Options

How is the device powered? USB powered or battery-powered or both? If possible, go for dual power options. This will make your device flexible. You will be able to use it in all conditions.


Mounting Mechanism

The mounting mechanism varies from model to model. Before ordering, check whether the mounting mechanism will suit your purpose. Some of them clip on to the smartphone.

It is best to choose a model that comes with a mobile phone holder. It should be mountable on a stand or a tripod.


Invest in a good quality ring light, and you will certainly not regret it. You will be able to shoot professional-quality videos for your YouTube channel, social media posts, or vlogs with the help of a ring light.

Find a ring light with all the latest features, and this will save you from frequent upgrades or replacements.

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