Best Raincoats For Kids

As a parent, it is important to make sure that your child is dressed appropriately for the weather. Especially in tropical climates, it’s important that your child has a raincoat ready to put on when it starts to rain. Here take a look at these top 5 raincoats for kids that are made of premium quality to protect your kid from rain.

Hallucination raincoat for Kids – Unisex

This special raincoat has been made with a unique PVC build that will ensure that the raincoat will never get harder.

This kids’ raincoat size is suitable for kids aged 5 to 6 years.

A unique no-stitch pasting method has been utilized to ensure that the raincoat is 100% waterproof. The raincoat has been made to be super soft, making it suitable for children that have sensitive skin.

The material used is durable and will last a prolonged period of time. There is space inside for wearing a school bag.

The transparent brim of the hood gives your child ample room for peripheral vision. Double button closure helps keep your child completely free of wetness.

Magic Kids Boy’s & Girl’s Raincoat


Magic Kids raincoats are made from PVC for protection against rain. The button closure on it makes it easy for kids to wear it and take it off.

The material is waterproof yet lightweight for kid’s comfort. The raincoat even has an in-built backpack cover to protect the school bag from getting damaged in the rain.

Gently wipe the raincoat with cold water and mild detergent, if required, to maintain hygiene.

Goodluck Boy’s Printed Overcoat

This is a casual, loose fit overcoat for children that provides complete protection from the rain. The outer shell fabric is resistant to snow, water and wind.

It is coated with PVC and is ideal for daily wear in the monsoon season. It can be paired with a stylish t-shirt or a shirt to complete the look.

The loose-fitting will ensure that your child is comfortable and does not feel squeezed in the coat.

FabSeasons Solid Waterproof Raincoat

This loose fit raincoat for kids is designed to be a two-piece suit. It is perfect for children aged 5 to 6 years and comes in a variety of color schemes.

This classic and functional design gives your child double-layered protection from rain and moisture.

The hood is adjustable to fit your child’s head. There are pocket flaps to store money or chits that need to be kept free of moisture. Its lightweight and packable design make it highly portable.

The raincoat is made of tough polyester fabric, which makes it highly waterproof. The overlap for the button-space gives additional protection against water seepage.

AD & AV Girls Raincoat

This lively yellow-schemed girls’ raincoat has been branded with the AD & AV logo on the back. It has a cute bunny, paw marks, and dog bones illustrations on the outside, giving it an adorable look.

It has a regular fit design though there is space for a backpack in the back.

The best-in-class Sparkdry technology has been incorporated into the raincoat for superior moisture management. The materials used are long-lasting, and the product has been made to last longer.

The raincoat is also breathable to provide your girl’s sensitive skin with much-needed fresh air even during hard rains.

BRATS N BEAUTY Unisex Kids Raincoat

This fun dotted raincoat comes in a variety of colors for your girl or boy. It has a regular fit with space for your child’s book-bag at the back.

The material used for this garment is high-quality PVC, and there is a flap for buttons to make sure that it is waterproof.

This product has been manufactured to monsoon standards. The transparent nature of the raincoat allows the child’s unique clothing to be seen from the outside.

The hood has been designed to protect your child’s head from any incoming rain. The sleeves are large and long enough to cover the full length of your child’s arms.

Goodluck Boys Raincoat

This trendy children’s raincoat has been printed with a variety of emojis just as they are used to on their favorite messaging apps.

There is a close-fitting hood that will protect your child’s head against any fast-moving water droplets.

The product has been manufactured to be loose fitting for your child with ample room for a back-pack at the back. It has been coated with PVC to provide the best protection against monsoon rains.

This raincoat has been specifically designed for boys though it can be used for girls if the occasion arises. There is a handy string on the hood to tighten it around your child’s head.

Buying Guide/Tips


Make sure to get a raincoat, which is easy to put on and lock the buttons. If the buttons are tough to close, then it can frustrate the kid as well as make the kid wet.

Easy buttons are a must, especially in a kids’ raincoat.



The material that the raincoat is made of should prevent any moisture from reaching the skin of your child.

Some materials are waterproof only until there are water droplets coming at it at a great velocity. This means that your child will get wet if it is raining with high wind speed.



Manufacturers sometimes make raincoats waxy and unbendable in trying to make the material waterproof.

These materials are hard to wear, and your child will not want to wear them for long periods of time. Try to go for a breathable material that is as waterproof as possible.



Some raincoats for kids have been printed with animals and images that your child will find fun and exciting. These prints increase the chances that your child will willingly wear them as raincoats can be tiresome to wear. Try to get a raincoat with a print of your child’s favorite cartoon character.

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