Best Pla Filaments For 3d Printers

3D printers have become very popular as it enables you to make anything you wish; the only limit being your imagination. Any 3D printer needs filaments to run, just like a normal printer needs ink. PLA filaments are the preferred choice for people interested in 3D printing. It is important to choose good filaments as it will dictate the quality of your finished model. A 3D printer is only as good as the filament you use. This article will help you choose the best quality PLA filament available in the market.

1. Sunlu PLA 3D Printer Filament

This PLA filament is made from carbon fiber, which has a very high weight to strength ratio. It is extremely rigid and has high heat tolerance. It contains 20% carbon as it is suitable for most 3D printers.

The filament has better dimensional stability for warp-free printing. It has excellent layer adhesion. The printed models have a smooth finish, and it is easy to remove supports.

It is highly compatible as it can be used with all types of 3D printers without any problem. The consistent feeding, dimensional accuracy and low variance lead to better 3D printed models.

The recommended specifications for this filament are:

Printing temperature: 390-436? (190-220??

Printing speed:30-60 mm/s;

Heat bed temperature: 0-160? (0-80?)

2. Sunlu Pla Silk Blue Filament 

Sunlu PLA silk filament features a high-precision 0.02mm silk that works excellent for over 99% FDM 3D printer and 3D pen. This filament measures 1.75mm in diameter.

It is prepared using high-quality corn starch and imported raw material from the USA.

It is a high-quality 3D filament that supports diverse FDM 3D printers. It has a printing temperature in the range of 190-220 degrees celsius.

It offers an impressive print speed of 30-60 mm/s. It comes with 1Kg/2.2lbs printing material per spool.

It is a tangle-free and non-toxic filament that provides smooth printing without any bubble. It results in 3D printed items with precise dimensions.

3. Tesseract PLA Premium Filament

These filaments are manufactured with precision and have a tolerance of only +/- 0.02 mm. It is useful in a variety of printing applications for all kinds of 3D printers. They do not emit odor or warp easily when heated.

The filaments have been adjusted to avoid degradation and give them a long life. They are not brittle and provide optimal performance. The filaments come in a vacuum-sealed package with a desiccant pack. It keeps the filaments in optimal condition and protects them from dust and dirt.

The filaments are completely environment friendly and do not contain any hazardous substances. It complies with the Restriction of Hazardous Substance (RoHS) directive. It gives off a sweet smell, which is an improvement over the smell of hot plastic.

4. Creality PLA 3D Printing Filament

Creality offers a 3D printing PLA filament spool that is stronger and tougher than standard PLA filaments. The product is professionally packed and vacuum sealed with desiccant.

The filament is 1.75 mm in diameter and is very precise, with a tolerance level of just ± 0.03mm. The air is filled with the aroma of sweet candy when the filament is used for printing.

It is made from 100% polylactic acid, which is eco-friendly. The product has passed the RoHS Directive, making it safe for use. The recommended specifications for this filament are as follows:

Printing/Nozzle temperature: 195-220°C (383-428°F)

Base plate temperature: 20-50°C (68-122°F)

It can be processed at 185 degrees.

5. 3idea PLA 3D Filament

The filament is made from a natural polymer called polylactic acid. It is ideal for printing at low temperatures and to provide an aesthetic finish to your model. It is easy to use and adds fine details to any project.

It can be safely used for indoor printing as it does not emit toxic fumes. It has high strength and toughness. The ideal operating temperature is from 195 to 220°C.

The filament gives a glossy and shiny finish to the model, making it suitable for printing attractive toys. The spool comes in a tangle-free loop for convenient usage. It has high precision with a very small tolerance of 0.03mm. It is compatible with all 3D printers having 1.75 mm filament specifications.

Some key specifications:

Require extrusion temperature: 190-220°C (356-410°F)

Base plate temperature: 20-50°C (68-122°F)

6. Wol 3D Flashforge PLA 3D Printer Filament

This PLA filament is made from the purest grade resin available in the market. It delivers stable printing size and low material shrinkage. It is easy to use and has good performance on almost all printers.

This filament will give your models a shiny and glossy look. It prints fine details like sharp edges and corners very well. It does not require a heating raft and is less demanding on the printer.

It has a shelf life of up to 3 weeks after opening. It has a wide range of working temperatures, so there are no problems with adhesion. It is not too fragile and does not break easily.

Some key specifications of this filament are as follows:

Diameter: 1.75mm

Printing temperature: 190~220°C

Printing speed: 60~90mm/s

Diameter: ± 0.05mm


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