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Pencils are some of the oldest and commonly used writing materials but not accorded the respect they deserve. They are diverse and can be used by any person, from kindergarten kids to adults and professionals. Pencils are the first writing tools we come in contact with when we begin learning. We can all agree that this is the most accessible tool as it is easily erasable, and one can easily get rid of their writing mistakes. There are different varieties of pencils, and getting the best pencil may be demanding. Below are some of the best pencils available today.

1. Apsara Platinum Pencils

The Apsara platinum pencil is designed to aid legibility and good penmanship. It comes in a pack with twenty pencils. The pencils are made of wood and originate from India.

2. Staedtler Norica Black Lead Pencil Set

Staedtler Norica pencil set contains colourful pencils with dark graphite tips. It comes with a rubber tip to erase any unwanted written mistake. The pencil is super lightweight and comfortable on the hand. The hexagonal design helps you write faster.

3. Linc Pentonic Extra Dark Premium Pencil

This set of pencils from Linc Pentonic is suitable for use at home, office and school. The pencils are made from certified sustainably managed forests.

You can make a great impact thanks to the premium dark graphite of these pencils. The lead is made from an international quality, non-toxic material.

The pencils have good sharpening ability and high break resistance, making them an ideal choice for children. It is pleasant to write using these pencils, and they do not cause strain.

4. Generic Camlin Mechanical Pencils

The product comes in a package consisting of a 3 set of Generic Camlin nouvel 0.5mm pencil with ten leads. The pencils have a metal body that is scratch proof and a sturdy metal clip and tip.

The metal clip allows the pencil to be easily clamped in your pockets. The pencil has a comfortable grip for long hours of writing. Also, the pencil has an inbuilt eraser.

The leads are smooth and enhance fast and colorful drawings. The pencil also has simple mechanisms allowing you to refill leads easily.

5. Doms X1 Pencil

The Doms X1 pencil is beautiful and is coated in a silky smooth lacquer. The package consists of ten DOMS X1 pencils.

The pencils are extra super dark that leaves bold writing. It is a premium quality graphite lead and comes with a point protection cap to avoid lead breakage.

It has an accurate bonding process and is a superior quality writing material.

6. Nataraj 621 Pencil

The Nataraj 621 pencil is a product made in India. India’s most recognized stationary is tried and tested and used by generations of Indians with good reason.

It has attractive stripes with a nice lacquer. It is very light, therefore, comfortable to use even among small children.

7. Cello Axis Mechanical Pencil

The Cello axis mechanical pencil has a fashionable design and has a 0.7mm for fine writing. It comes in a pack of ten pencils with premium qualities.

The pencil is ideal for graphic design, writing, and drawing. The pencil also comes with an eraser attached. The Pencil has a height of 200mm and weighs 100g; it is light and perfect writing materials.

8. Staedtler Mechanical Pencil Set

The Staedtler mechanical pencils are excellent for writing and drawing. They come in a rubberized barrel in a frosted transparent design.

The pencils are made of high-quality PVC material and come with a latex-free eraser. The pencils are initially created in Germany.

Buying Guide


When purchasing a pencil, you must determine the materials used to make a pencil. Pencils can be made of metal or wood. The wood used to make pencils may vary in quality, and so is the metal.

Pencils made of incense-cedar are more preferred as they are quality pencils. Similarly, pencils made of basswood are preferred for children in schools, and they sharpen adequately.

On the other hand, pencils with metal casings are sturdy, robust, and last longer. Therefore when choosing pencils, you must go for one that fits your preferred specifications and is comfortable using.



It would be best if you looked for granite pencils when you consider buying a pencil. Some of the granites can be weak and keep breaking as you write.

The hardness of a pencil’s granite is determined by a letter or a number. Some of the best high-quality pencils have centered graphite. The hardest graphite is 9H, while the softest is 9B.

Before you purchase any pencil, get to understand the graphite quality to avoid disappointments.



Pencils come in different shapes. We have hexagonal pencils, round pencils, triangular pencils, and carpenter pencils.

Each pencil has a different feel while using them. Hexagonal pencils are perfect for everyday use. Round pencils, on the other hand, are suitable for learners and students.

Before purchasing any pencils, kindly consider the shape. The pencil shape preference will differ with different users. What learners will need varies from what artists prefer.



Pencils come from different origins. There are countries known to produce the best quality pencils. Pencils made in Japan, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Germany are the best quality.

Therefore, before you buy a pencil, consider its origin. With the knowledge of a pencil’s origin, you will never go wrong on quality and satisfaction.


Lacquer and imprint

The lacquer and imprint determine the pencil’s look and feel. The number of lacquer coats can vary from three coats to seven or more.

The imprint also varies from pencil to pencil. Choose an imprint that is appealing and creates the best impression.


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