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If there is one candy that children go gaga over, it is marshmallows. Whether these fluffy sweet candies are dipped in liquid chocolate or just the flavoured colourful ones, marshmallows are a hot favourite. Even you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee or chocolate with some marshmallows tossed on the top. It delivers an exhilarating experience. We have provided you with a list of marshmallows that are fluffy and a delight for your taste buds!

1. Haribo Chawmallows

These marshmallows come in a sealed plastic share pack. You can roast, dip or have these assorted marshmallows as it is.

2. FRUIT FLAVOUR Marshmallow

If you are bored of plain old marshmallows, then you need to try this fruit flavoured marshmallow.

It includes ingredients like sugar, glucose, dextrose, fish gelatine (which makes it non-vegetarian), artificial colour and flavour. This is a 160-gram pack that contains 80 pieces of flavourful marshmallows.

3. Acme Products Marshmallows

Assorted marshmallows in a transparent candy jar. These marshmallows are delectable and melt in your mouth. They are packed in hygienic conditions and in facilities that are FSSAI certified.

The shelf life of the marshmallows is 6 months from the date of manufacture.

4. House of Candy Classic Marshmallows

These marshmallows are as good as made at home. They are safe for your kids as they are free of artificial colours and flavours, with no compromise on taste. These are soft and fluffy; exactly the way classic marshmallows should be.

5. Marshmelts Veg Marshmallow

These soft, mildly flavoured cubes of fluffy marshmallows are free of any animal gelatin. They are 100% vegetarian. These marshmallows contain nutritious soy protein and are free of any chemical preservatives.

These marshmallows come in a sealed pack to keep the cubes fresh for longer. These are ready to eat, but you can roast them or dip them in your favourite dessert dip sauce too.

6. Captain Marshmallow Candy Jar

These mini marshmallow cubes come in a lovely transparent candy jar. The assorted colours make them even more attractive to your kids. These are classic marshmallows and even halal compliant.

Buying Guide


You will have to understand that marshmallows are nothing but whipped sugar and gelatin. So obviously the amount of sugar in them is very high. A regular pack of marshmallows will have roughly 58 g per 100 g of marshmallows.

In other words, a regular mini-sized marshmallow cube has about 4 g of sugar in it. For adults, the sugar consumption limit per day is 150 g or roughly 9 teaspoons for men. For women, the recommended sugar consumption is 6 teaspoons or 25 g per day.

As per the American Heart Association (AHA) recommendations, children below 2 years should have no sugar at all. The association also states that children above two years and less than 18 years should restrict their intake to 25 g or 6 teaspoons.

So indulging in marshmallows is fine but regularly is a definite ‘no’.



It may come as a surprise, but marshmallows are non-vegetarian. Though these are made with whipped sugar, they contain gelatin, which is an animal protein.

If you are a vegetarian or against animal cruelty, opt for vegetarian marshmallows. A few brands replace gelatin with other proteins to provide you with the same classic marshmallow experience.


Artificial Colors

One of the main selling points of these cube-sized candy delights is attractive colours. But these colours are mostly not from natural colouring agents but due to synthetic food colourings.

Your kid may love the colours and keep popping one cube at a time. However, do understand that synthetic food dyes are not healthy for them. These chemical food dyes can cause health hazards in children.

Hence, buy marshmallows with natural food colouring. You can read “no artificial colours” or “no synthetic colours” on the packaging label.


Synthetic Flavors

Marshmallows are fluffy sugar candies that do not have a taste of their own. To give them a hint of flavour and thereby increase their palatability, manufacturers add synthetic flavouring substances. Hence, indulge in these candies wisely.


FSSAI Certified

When it comes to ready to eat food, then hygienically packed and processed items are preferred. Made in India products look for FSSAI certification. This ensures that the food is processed and packaged under stringent hygiene guidelines.

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