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We live in a time where monitoring the foods that our children eat is very vital. It helps us to understand what kind of improvements we need to achieve certain nutritional standards in their lives. Most parents prefer packing their children their favourite foods to encourage healthy eating. Now that you are seeking to find the best lunch box that will serve your child’s needs, this article is what you need. This review is aimed at helping you in picking the most suitable box for your school-going child.

1. Borosil Stainless Steel Kids Lunch Box

The set is made from stainless steel materials that are coated with fun long-lasting colours. This ensures the containers remain beautiful and attractive to your child for a long time.

The set contains 2 containers with a capacity of 300ml each and comes with a bag for easy carrying. The containers are designed to prevent any leakage.

They can be washed in the dishwasher for easy and efficient cleaning. The lids are designed to enable easy opening for kids and are made from completely BPA free materials.

The colourful bag designed with beautiful prints makes this bag a child’s favourite as kids love beautiful colours. The bag is also washable to ensure that your child does not carry a dirty bag at any given time.

This ensures that you enjoy a hustle free service.

2. Tupperware Plastic Kids Lunch Box

Tupperware plastic kids lunch box is perfect for small meals. The outer container has a capacity of 590 ml and an inner container of 120ml. Its compact size allows the tiffin to fix in any backpack easily.

The lunch box has a liquid-tight seal to keep all the food items safe and secure. All the inner containers are removable, so you can fill the tiffin according to the dish prepared.

Tupperware tiffin box comes with an attractive cartoon design on it that kids will love.

3. Ikea Puppy Dog Kids Lunch Box

This container is designed in a simple kid’s friendly design to enable your child to open and close it without the need for adult help.

The sturdy container is made from strong plastic to ensure that it does not break easily. Your child’s food stays intact in the container from packing until eating time.

4. Cello Joy Combo Giftset Lunch Box

This rectangular lunchbox is designed with insulated materials to help keep the food in a hot state for long hours. Thus, not only will they be enjoying a healthy mommy meal but also a hot one too.

The attractive spiderman design is intended to attract kids. It is accompanied by a bottle made from the same materials as the box.

The container is also made from strong polypropylene to ensure durability and prevent easy breaking of the container.

5. Dealcrox Cute Cartoon Lunch Box for Kids

The 3 layered set of round lunch containers is perfect for school going kids or even adults. The top container is filled with a silica gel ring to make it leak-resistant, allowing you to pack soup in it and dry foods in the bottom two.

The set is made of high-quality ABS plastic and stainless steel materials that are non-toxic and completely safe to pack food in.

The top is fitted with a foldable handle to allow easy carrying. It also has a breather at the top to prevent your kid’s delicious meal from becoming soggy.

The hole is also a safety feature as it is required to be opened first to release pressure before opening the main lid.

6. Toua Plastic Kids Lunch Box 

This lunch box is designed with your kid in mind. The 4 separate compartments are designed to allow you to pack different food choices.

It makes the packaging look so stylish and organized. The container is made from plastic that is BPA free and non-toxic to ensure your kid enjoys a meal from a completely safe container.

The sides of the lunchbox are also coated with rubber to prevent easy breaking if the container falls.

The container can be washed in the dishwasher; it can be placed in the freezer and can be used to warm food in the microwave.

Designed to prevent leaks, this is the container that won’t leave a mess during transportation.

7. Jayco Insulated Lunch Box for School Kids 

This lunch box is designed to be used by school going kids. It is made from 100% food-grade materials that are BPA free.

This ensures that your child, while using this round box, is safe from any chemical exposures.

The light size compact container is designed to keep your child’s food in a temperature retaining environment.

This ensures that your child enjoys hot or warm food during their lunch break.

Buying Guide


When buying lunchboxes for your kid, ensure that you go for containers that are expressly reviewed as leakproof. The reviews of other users will do the trick just fine on this point.

This is because kids will mess their clothes, school bags, or even reading materials if the container will allow leaks.



When buying a lunch box for your child, ensure that it is attractive. Kids are attracted by colours; hence a colourful container is more likely to attract them than a plain container.

Lunchboxes with pictures of your child’s favourite superhero or cartoon character will encourage them to eat the contents than one that is just plain.



Kids tend to enjoy a variety of foods rather than one meal at a go. Manufactures have discovered this and are now making lunchboxes with a reasonable capacity.

Most of these containers have separate compartments to allow you to pack different foods yet separately in the same container.



This goes without saying. If the container can withstand day to day use, then it will be useless to spend money on it.

Kids will drop the lunchbox once in a while and if it’s made from shoddy material it won’t last. Don’t compromise on the quality regardless of how beautiful the container is.


No one can feed your child food that is of higher quality than that which you as the parent give them. It’s quite vital to ensure that you get a lunchbox to get them a healthy meal even when at school.

This will ensure your child stays healthy at all times.

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