Best Inflatable Pools For Babies

Swimming in a pool can be a good way to keep the summer heat at bay. But what do you do when you have an infant with you? Invest in an inflatable baby pool. Baby pools are ideal for those who want their children to learn to swim early. Getting your little ones trained in swimming can be a risk at adult pools. This is why baby pools are much safer. They are also good for those who have trouble giving their babies a bath. When used with proper caution, baby pools can prove to be a fun way of interacting with your baby or kids. Take a look at some of the best baby pools available in India.

1. Anokhichaabi Inflatable Bath Tub with Pump

This inflatable baby bathtub has a soft base for the comfort and safety of your child. It comes with an Intex pump to inflate it within minutes. The pool measures 6ft in length.

It is ideal for children aged 0-7 years.

It is made with a safe and durable material that lasts for a long time. Let your little one enjoy the waves of water and learn to swim gently in this pool.

This pool is easy to clean and maintain with just a damp cloth. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. When not in use, it is easy to store this pool by just deflating and folding it.

The big size of this pool makes it easy to use for adults and kids. Parents can accompany their children in the pool to ensure they are safe.

2. Cho-Cho Inflatable Bath Tubs

Cho-Cho inflatable baby bathtub is a must-have tub for kids in summers. It is made from BPA free European standard PVC materials.

The tub is suitable for newborn up to 4-year-old babies. It is made from soft and smooth materials to protect the baby’s skin.

The tub even has a 45-degree backrest design, a big size drain plug in the bottom to release the water.

The bathtub can be folded to save space while storing and carrying around.

3. Intex Inflatable Play Box Pool

Intex Inflatable Play Box Pool has a unique square design that makes it compact yet spacious inside. It measures 85x85x23cm and weighs 1kg.

The water capacity of this pool is 18cm of wall height.

This play box pool is recommended for children aged 12 months to 3 years. It doesn’t require any assembling. It is made of polyvinyl chloride that is durable and strong.

This inflatable pool makes swimming and bath time a fun experience for the whole family.

Use it in your home or in the garden, this inflatable baby pool is ideal to use anytime, anywhere.

4. Intex Whale Spray Pool

Intex Whale Spray Pool is a good way to beat the heat in summers.

It is your own personal pool at home with an attached water sprayer that can be connected to your garden hose.

It can accommodate adults and children at the same time. The water sprayer gives pool-time a new twist. Kids can learn to swim in this pool under the guidance of their elders.

This pool comes with a drain plug at the bottom to easily remove the water after every use. It is easy to inflate and deflate at any time. This pool is ideal for garden or backyard pool parties too.

The whale shape of this pool allows kids to enjoy their swimming lessons. The water sprayer is located on the head of the whale teaching children about a whale’s blowhole.

5. Owme Inflatable Kids Bath Tub

This inflatable pool has 3 rings and a wall height of 68 liters. The foldable style of this pool makes it easy to inflate, deflate, and store when not in use.

The dinosaur design of this pool makes it a fun place for kids and toddlers to start their swimming lessons. The height of this pool is 3 feet and thus it should be used with caution when babies are inside.

The pool comes with a pump that can be easily connected to inflate it. The PVC material of this pool is cut-resistant, durable, and strong. The total size of this pool is 86x25cm.

The smooth base of this pool is gentle on children’s skin.

It is easy to handle and comfortable for little kids as well. The attractive colors make bathing a fun experience for kids.

6. Intex Inflatable Snapset Pool

Intex Inflatable Snap set Pool brings beach-side fun to your home. Its vibrant colors and images make pool-time filled with entertainment for kids. The large size of this pool makes it ideal for the whole family.

It measures 152x25cm with a capacity of 24cm wall height.

It can accommodate 119 gallons of water at a time. It comes with a repair patch and shelf patch to repair it in case a hole comes up in it.

Made of PVC, this pool is durable with sturdy sidewalls. It is spacious enough to train children for hand-eye coordination and strengthen their physical skills.

This pool can be used indoors and outdoors without difficulty.

It weighs 1.370 kgs and is thus easy to deflate and store. Let your kids enjoy swimming time with this attractive and safe snap set pool from Intex.

Buying Guide

Baby pools are ideal for parents who want their babies to learn to swim early. It is worth investing in, especially during summers. But before you decide which one to buy, take a look at some key factors to consider.



When it comes to baby pools, size does matter. If you are looking for a pool to use indoors, a smaller size pool will be perfect. Bigger pools are good to use in the backyard or garden area.



Pools are bound to get holes with prolonged use. Thus, it is important to invest in one that is made of sturdy and strong material.



If you don’t own a pump, search for a pool that comes with a pump. This way you don’t have to struggle to find the right pump for your baby pool.



It is important to be cautious when using a pool, especially if babies, toddlers, and kids are involved. Buy a pool that is not too deep and is compact enough to keep your young ones safe.

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