Best Highlighter Pens

Highlighter pens are useful in marking certain sections of the documents as important. It is also useful to mark your favorite portions of the book you are reading. At times, you may have to draw the readers’ attention to certain portions of the text in the files or documents you are sharing. You can use highlighter pens in these situations. Using different color highlighter pens, you can easily categorize the book’s content or the document under question. We have listed-down top highlighter pens that are available online.

1. Cello Hi-lighter Pack of 5, Vivid Colors

This pack of highlighters has five vibrant colors, yellow, pink, peach, orange and purple.

The highlighter uses water-based fluorescent ink. This provides extra highlighter visibility when used on paper.

This highlighter uses washable, non-toxic ink. It can be used with photocopies, faxes, computer printouts and carbonless forms.

These highlighters have chisel tips. Using these highlighters, you will be able to draw fine lines and broad lines.

2. STABILO Highlighter Pen Pastel

Stabilo highlighter pen pastel is made using anti-dry out technology. The highlighter provides four-hour dry-out protection. The pen can be used for making notes and marking text in beautiful assorted pastel colours.

These pocket-sized highlighters makes a line of 1mm and 4mm with water-based ink. It has a non-slip mat finish and comes in a slim, compact design.

3. Faber-Castell Textliner - Pack of 5

This is a pack of five highlighters.

Fluorescent ink makes the markings brighter. These highlighters come in five colors, yellow, pink, green, orange and blue. The highlighters have a chisel tip. Using it, you can draw three line widths.

This is a refillable highlighter. You can use Faber-Castell text liner ink for refilling. These highlighters are made of a special quality non-porous polypropylene body. This gives the highlighters longer shelf-life.

The lid of the highlighter comes with a pocket clip. This prevents frequent losing of the highlighters.

4. Camlin Kokuyo Office Highlighter - 5 Assorted Colors

This set comes in five fluorescent colors – Yellow, Pink, Orange, Green and Blue. This highlighter pen uses water-based fluorescent ink, which gives a higher level of visibility.

The tip of the highlighter has a chisel cut. This is useful in both underlining and also highlighting. This is a non-toxic highlighter.

5. Luxor 1852 Highlighter - Set of 5

The highlighter features a chisel tip. It can be used to underline and also to highlight.

It is best suited for home, school, office and business use. The highlighter comes in five fluorescent colors. The highlighter uses German technology ink.

The ink lasts long, and it is washable too. The ink is transparent, which ensures higher visibility.

6. Schneider Pastel Highlighter Marker

This set of highlighters come in a pack of six colors. It comes in six unique pastel colors – turquoise, Mint, vanilla, peach lavender and light pink.

The colors are soothing. They are also fade-resistant and light-resistant. These highlighters come in a unique shape, which prevents it from rolling.

The barrel is PVC free, and it is made of polypropylene. This gives the highlighter a longer shelf life.

The highlighter chisel tip lets you draw thick lines of 5mm width and thin lines of 1 mm width.

Best Highlighter Pen Buying Guide

The use of highlighter pens in India has become very common. You can find them used extensively in offices, shops, and students for their school and college work.

One might think there isn’t much to consider when it comes to buying a highlighter pen. So they pick some random packs from the online stores or the supermarket shelves. However, if you pay attention to details, you will get the best value for your money.


Number Of Colors In The Pack 

How many colors are available in the pack? You will find a normal set of four, five or six highlighter pens in a pack. Depending on the color variations you need, you could pick the pack.

It certainly doesn’t hurt to pick a pack with more color options. You will find it handy when you need to highlight various texts and give them a different interpretation.


Type Of Ink 

Does the highlighter use good quality ink? It should be fade resistant. The ink should be transparent, and it also should be fluorescent. The brightness level of the highlighter varies from one brand to the other. Brighter the ink, the better it is.


Washable Ink

You will find highlighter pens with washable ink. It is undoubtedly useful to pick highlighter pens with washable ink. This will make your highlighter more versatile.



It is always best to buy refillable highlighters. You should make sure that the highlighters you are buying also features refill ink for the highlighters.


Pocket Clip

It is useful to buy a highlighter pen that comes with a pocket clip. Often people complain about losing their highlighters in office scenarios when they keep moving from the meeting rooms to their desks.

If the highlighters come with a pocket clip, it will minimize such issues.


Try to pay attention to all the above factors discussed above to be happy with your choice of highlighter pens. There are so many highlighter pen options online. You should pick the most trusted and popular brands. They are popular for a reason, and most often, it reflects on their quality.

Remember to pick refillable highlighters and packs that offer you more colors. All these will help you get the best value for your money and not forget the quality of the ink used in the highlighter.


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