6 Best Hair Removal Creams for Women

Selecting the best hair removal cream is often difficult for most people. It is time-consuming and tasking for ladies when carrying out their beauty routines.  People usually view that it is not a good idea for ladies to let their hair grow wild or too long.

This now leads us to find a great way of removing these hairs without necessarily shaving them. Shaving of hairs can be quite annoying, and the result of it is often short-lived.

One other disadvantage of shaving by ladies is that it usually comes with bumps, pesky nicks, and razor burns. Also, the use of laser treatment and waxing often gives a longer-lasting effect, but it can be expensive and too time-consuming.

To circumvent these inconveniences of shaving, laser treatments, and waxing, one is expected to make use of hair removal creams. Many of this hair removal procedure is painful.

But making use of these creams is dependent on different factors such as one’s skin type and the type of hair that the individuals have.

Hair removal creams are also known as depilatory creams, and these creams provide a convenient, quick, and affordable ways of removing hair all over a ladies body.

Here in this article, we will guide you through some essential things that you need to know before buying hair removal cream. You will also find the various benefits of hair removal creams along with the list of 6 best hair removal creams for women and a few FAQs.

If you are a first time user, we have provided detailed instructions on how to effectively use hair removal creams. Follow us as we take you through the ride on finding the right product for smooth and fuzz-free legs and hands.

6 Best Hair Removal Creams for Women in India

Benefits of a hair removal cream

Using hair removal creams comes with numerous benefits. These include –

Easy to use

The use of hair removal creams is more comfortable when compared to other methods. These require one to apply the cream around the area where the unwanted hairs are domiciled and wait for some time. After which you wash off the cream, and the unwanted hair goes off

Quick process 

The use of hair removal creams are often immediate and might take less than 5 minutes to complete the task


Unlike the use of shaving sticks that might leave a shaving burn, the use of hair removal cream is usually designed to make the process painless and effortless. It also protects one from the unnecessary nicks that come with other processes

The process is not expensive 

The use of hair removal cream is less costly when compared to laser treatment and waxing.


With the use of the cream, it absorbs and gets to the root of the problem. This helps to prevent regrowth for a longer time

Disadvantages of hair removal creams

For most advantages, there is always a disadvantage. Hair removal creams are not an exception. Here are some disadvantages of using a hair removal cream

Skin type

The use of a hair removal cream might not be suitable for an individual with sensitive skin.

Skin discoloration 

Most hair removal creams are made with some ingredients that might discolor one’s skin.


Dark and hairier women often witness this. Hair removal creams are usually known to leave a dark shadow after washing off the cream.


Most of these creams leave an offensive smell after being used

How to Use Hair Removal Creams Effectively

Different hair removal creams for women come with varying instructions of usage and ways because of the blends of products used in making the products. Here are some important things to note when using a hair removal cream.

Read the instructions

Reading the manufacturer’s instructions is one of the essential things one needs to note before using a hair removal cream. Some creams require one to wait for a long time before washing off, while others need one to wash off immediately.

Therefore it’s necessary to read the instructions on the label

Trim excessive hair

Take out time to trim off excessive hairs if it has been a while since you last did a hair removal session. It is, therefore, necessary to do a quick trim before using a depilatory.

Use the recommended cream

Different cream types are made for various purposes. It is not advisable to use a cream on sensitive parts of the skin, such as the face, since it may be too harsh for it. Therefore, use the suitable hair removal cream for the body part it is meant for.

Labia region

Most health practitioners are against using a hair removal cream on the labia or pubic region of a lady. This is because the application of this can cause a chemical burn in that area.

Gently apply

When applying the cream, be gentle on yourself. Avoid rubbing the hair removal cream into your skin. Also, avoid rubbing off after use. Make use of water in rinsing off the area, or you wipe off with a soft cloth.

Follow instructions

Like we stated, before you begin the use of any hair removal cream, the first thing to do is to read the instructions. After which, it is expected of you to follow up on the instruction given.

Do not leave the cream on your skin longer than what was instructed since you may be exposing yourself to irritation or burning when you go beyond the recommended time.

Moisturize the skin

Finally, moisturize the skin after that, to protect the skin. With a good moisturizer, the skin is hydrated and kept healthy.

Types of Hair Removal procedures

Removing unwanted hair from the body might take different processes. These could be from the use of a simple razor blade to exotic treatments such as electrolysis and laser. Here we would be explaining to you the various processes of removing hairs from your body.

Use of a Razor Blades

This is the most popular type used by most women in removing hairs from their bodies. It is quite easy and convenient for most people, but the shortcoming of this method is that it shaves at skin level. These will, therefore, require one to shave more frequently to keep the skin smooth

The use of electric shavers 

This is another form of shavers that makes use of electric current. It can be used on any part of the body. But it is important to note that no matter how effective an electric shaver would be, it cannot shave quite as good as a razor.

The good thing about this is that it allows you to shave without water and soap. It also avoids nicks since the electric shavers’ cutters don’t touch the skin

The use of Epilators

These devices come with hundreds of tiny tweezers that are electrically operated to pluck out the hairs. Note that epilators can only be used on the legs and forearms. One good thing about the epilators is that it removes these hairs from the root – thereby saving you from the problem of repeating the procedure for weeks.


Depilatories are known to dissolve hairs below the skin surface. These help to keep the skin smooth longer than when one makes use of a razor or shaver. It comes with caustic chemicals that dissolve the hair to wipe it off quickly.


These methods of hair removal are quite different from other methods. The laser treatments permanently remove unwanted hair by destroying the follicles using heat.

The shortcoming of this process is that it is time-consuming and expensive to carry out. It is also important to note that this procedure can only be carried out by a certified practitioner.


Waxing involves the application of a layer of heated wax strips to the skin. After which the embedded wax is pulled off while it plucks of the hairs in the process. This method pulls off the hair from its root, and it takes weeks for them to grow back. Note that waxing should not be done on the face, genital areas, and the nipples.


This method is time consuming and expensive method that can only be performed by a licensed practitioner. This involves the use of hair removal devices that are placed on a thin probe in each hair follicle while destroying it with a shortwave radiofrequency.

Buyers guide on hair removal cream for women

Your skin type

This is one of the most important factors to consider before deciding since it is not all hair removal creams that work for every skin type. Women with sensitive skin are expected to go for a mild cream in other for the cream not to react negatively on their skin. 

The hair texture

This is another thing to consider when making a selection. Some hair removal creams are ideal for dense hair, thick hairs, or coarse hair. Getting the wrong product make will only leave you disappointed after applying because the hair follicles it intends to remove will be defeated. 

Type of hair removal cream

Different hair removal creams are specially formulated to solve different purposes. It is, therefore, vital to determine what you want to do with the product and where you want to use it (on transit). Your target area matters when one is choosing the right formula


The hair removal creams should be used for the purpose it is designed for. If it is meant for the privates, then it should be strictly be used for that purpose. If the manufacturer of the product says that the cream is suitable for usage only in a particular place, then stick to that entirely. Contravening that may lead to some adverse effects.


The fragrance of the cream should be put into consideration. Most hair removal creams are known to be pungent. Ascertain if you can withstand the smell or better still go for the products that fragrance are added to mask the scent of depilatories.


The prices of hair removal creams vary. It is important, therefore, to consider the different prices online and in your local drug stores before making your decision.

Waiting time

Different products come at varying times of waiting. It is crucial, therefore, to ascertain how long you need to wait before the hairs start melting and falling off. Check the product label to determine the waiting time.

Side effects 

Depending on the type of hair removal cream that you are buying, know that it might trigger different side effects if not correctly used.

It is, therefore, important to avoid purchasing any hair removal cream that contains mercury as it can trigger skin reactions such as intense burning or itching of the skin. 

Top 6 Best Hair Removal Creams for Women

1. Veet In-shower Hair Removal Cream 

Veet Hair Removal is an in-shower cream that comes with silky fresh technology that helps one in removing hairs to give a smooth skin. The hair removal cream comes with a delightful scent that is not repulsive.

Veet hair removal cream hydrates your skin for 24 hours. It is also clinically proven to provide one with up to 7 days of smoothness. It comes with a unique combination of water-resisting ingredients.

The Hair removal cream is fully blended with Aloe Vera and Violet blossom fragrance. This helps to make the hair regrowth feels softer. The cream takes 5 to 10 minutes to work effectively.

PROS (What we liked)
  • The smoothness lasts two times longer than the use of a shaving stick
  • The cream is fully enriched with Aloe Vera and Violet blossom extract
  • It can hydrate one’s skin for up to 24 hours
  • The hair remover is pain-less with no risk of cuts
  • The product comes with an easy applicator sponge 
  • It is suitable for the arms, legs, bikini lines, and underarms hair.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points were observed

2. Veet Hair Removal Cream 

This is a suitable opportunity to get smooth skin and the chance to look fresh and clean. With Veet hair removal cream for normal skin, it removes short hair effectively. It comes with a delightful scent that makes it pleasant to use. The cream has been clinically tested to keep the skin moisturized for up to 24 hours.

The cream is blended with Jasmine and Lotus Milk fragrance. The cream is reputed to work close to the root of the hair while giving you a lasting smoothness.

PROS (What we liked)
  • It is ideal for the removal of short and stubborn hair from one’s arms, legs, bikini line and underarms
  • It comes with a new fragrance technology that prevents any lingering malodor
  • Unique skincare ingredient
  • Effective for the removal of hair in just 3-6 minutes
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • The cream lasts twice as long as when you make use of a shaving stick
  • Removes short-stubborn hair from legs, arms, underarms and bikini line
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Smell is not good.
  • It is non-returnable

3. Sanfe Bikini Line Hair Removal Cream

Sanfe Bikini Line Hair Removal Cream is a specialized chemical-free bikini line hair removal cream for women. It is purely made of natural ingredients like aloe vera, lavender, and shea butter, for ensuring safe and comfortable removal of unwanted hair from the intimate areas.

This method of hair removal is not only easy but also a painless way of removing unwanted hair. Apply, Wait, Wipe are the three simple steps to follow for getting extraordinary results by using this hair removal cream.

By using Sanfe Bikini Line Hair Removal cream, one will be able to clear the unwanted hair from the intimate areas in just 5 minutes. Not limited to that, this hair removal cream also nourishes the skin in those areas and leaves it moisturized and smooth.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Quick and easy as this cream needs to be applied over the unwanted hair just for 5 minutes for a clean and smooth look.
  • No pain, no rashes, no trouble – this hair removal cream is specially created for easy removal of unwanted hair in the bikini line and other intimate areas.
  • The manufacturing of this hair removal cream is completely free of harmful chemicals like parabens and sulphates.
  • In fact, it is made of natural ingredients that include aloe vera, lavender, shea butter, and witch hazel extracts for brightening the skin.
  • Specially manufactured and best suited for sensitive skin.
  • This cream includes natural extracts from lavender that gives it an amazing fragrance, making the user feel refreshed.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • May not effectively remove the hair in just 5 minutes.
  • Might be harsh on sensitive skin.

4. Everteen Hair Remover Cream 

This hair removal cream is made in India specially designed for the removal of hair. It is suitable for use in sensitive parts of the body and the bikini line. It does not come with any scarring battles or shaving pain.

With the Everteen hair removal, one is free from the problem of rashes, ingrown hairs, irritation, razor cuts, nicks, and skin burns.

PROS (What we liked)
  • The Everteen hair removal skin does not come with any harsh smell
  • Blended with Chamomile extracts that helps to nourish the skin
  • Designed for sensitive parts of the body
  • The use of this cream does not cause skin darkening
  • The purpose of this cream is suitable for a pain-free waxing experience
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It takes time to remove the hair
  • Some users complained of allergy

5. WOW Hair Vanish For Women 

Expert Pick

Wow, hair vanishes for women are an excellent alternative for the removal of hair for women. It saves you the stress of frequent hair removal and laser hair removal. With the use of the Wow skin vanish for women, it slows down hair regrowth.

PROS (What we liked)
  • It helps to give a silkier and smoother body and face
  • It helps to remove unseemly hair from the body
  • It comes with Papain and Narcissus tazetta bulb extract that acts as anti-hair and pro-skin ingredients.
  • When applied, it penetrates the skin to weaken the hair root.
  • It comes with a soothing, softening, and toning effects.
  • With every application of the cream, new growths get sparser and thinner.
  • Paraben and mineral oil-free
  • The cream is entirely natural with bioactive ingredients like jojoba oil, Himalayan spring water, sunflower oil, allantoin and licorice extract
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points were observed

6. Roots & Herbs Neem Hair Removal 

The root and herbs Neem is a fennel depilatory obtain suitable for the removal of hairs on the

Legs, hands, underarms, and bikini area. It helps for smooth and flawless skin. The use of this 100 percent roots and herbs hair removal cream does not leave any redness and pain. 

To apply the cream, one needs to mix the hair removal powder with water. Others must make a paste. After which you use and leave for a maximum of 14 minutes. Wipe with a damp cloth with a firm hand. 

The product comes with the following ingredients Aloe Vera Powder, Rice Starch, Neem Leaves, Sodium Benzoate, Fennels, and Green Lentil Powder. Others include Camphor, Calcium Carbonate, Tea Tree Oil, Vit-E Oil, Multani Mitti, Sweet Fennel Oil, and Basil Oil.

PROS (What we liked)
  • It comes with a blend of clay, minerals, and herbs
  • It is designed to remove the hair instantly 
  • It helps to remove hair without leaving dark patches naturally
  • It is 100 percent free of paraben 
  • It is ideal for a flawless skin
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points were observed

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the hair removal cream safe for one’s skin?

It is necessary to apply a bit of the cream before using it entirely. Test to confirm for sensitivity and remember to read the instructions on the leaflet.

2. Can hair removal cream be used every day?

The use of hair removal cream should not be used daily. It is necessary to keep at least 72 hours gap between product usages.

3. Can hair removal cream be used on the whole body?

Different hair removal cream is used on different parts of the body. Some of the creams can be used for the legs, underarms, arms, and bikini line. Avoid using the cream on moles, sunburnt skin, scars, varicose veins, and broken skin

4. Does the use of razor and hair removal creams work the same way?

No. There don’t work in the same way. Hair removal creams work differently since they contain chemicals that help to break down the structure of the hair.

5. Is feeling pains normal while using a depilatory 

Some people tend to experience some slight discomfort when making use of a hair removal cream. The slight tingling is normal, as that indicates that the product is working. It is also important to note that pain is a sign that the skin is too sensitive for the product.


The hair removal creams are known to work wonders when one applies it to the skin. With the use of the cream, one is free from cuts and the technicality of using other methods.

The above-listed products are expected to give you a smooth look and a hairless body. Make sure, therefore, that you take into cognizance the points above listed before making the final decision.

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