Best Fountain Pens

Pens are an everyday requirement. They are essential for recording, writing, and learning. Fountain pens are some of the most luxurious pens. They are most preferred for smooth and neat writing. Whether you are a professional, student, or just looking for an office pen, the fountain pen is the way to go. It is stylish and luxurious. Finding a fountain pen may not be as simple as it looks and may result in disappointments. We have therefore reviewed some of the best fountain pens below.

1. Parker Vector Standard Fountain Pen

The Parker vector fountain pen has a molded plastic barrel and cap, and chrome-plated stainless steel trim. It is also fitted in a stainless steel nib with a twin-channeled ink feed and collector system.

The twin-channeled ink feed and collector system are used with ink cartridges and convertible to ink bottle filling.

The fountain pen also has a clip; you can easily clip the pen on your pocket, ensuring easy carriage. The clip is made of stainless steel hence, relatively durable.

2. Parker Frontier GT Fountain Pen

Parker frontier fountain pen comes with a fine nib for an amazing writing experience. The pen has a matte black colour finish with a gold plated stainless steel clip for an elegant look.

It has an ergonomic shape that fits well in a natural grasp. The pen has the perfect weight and balance. The durable fine stainless steel nib offers a reliable writing experience.

3. AmazonBasics Fountain Pen

With this fountain pen from AmazonBasics, you can now allow your thoughts to flow freely onto the page. This is an exquisitely crafted pen that has a premium feel and ensures a smooth and luxurious writing experience.

The pen consists of a black brass-metal barrel with a contoured design that provides great control and comfort. You will not experience strain or fatigue even after long writing sessions.

The pen comes with a water-based black dye ink that can be used to refill the pen. It comes in an elegant black plastic case that can store the pen when not in use.

4. Camlin Elegante Fountain Pen

The Camlin sleek fountain pen is handcrafted explicitly with a gold plated nib and brass cap chrome body. The pen also has a clip that allows you to clip the pen easily into your pocket when traveling.

5. Neo Gold Leaf Baoer 79 Fountain Pen

The Neo Gold Leaf baoer is a stylish and reliable fountain pen. It is hand-assembled and well checked, ensuring its high-quality.

It gives high accuracy and exceptional writing for any occasion. It gives classic and smooth writing and has a gold-plated stainless steel nib. It also has a smooth metallic finish and is suitable for left-handed as well as right-handed people.

The fountain pen is perfect for journaling and calligraphy and is an excellent gift idea.

6. Artline Ergoline Calligraphy Fountain Pen

The Artline ergoline fountain pen comes in a set of three pens. The pens also come with three ready-made tips measuring 1.00mm, 2.00mm, and 3.00mm. You don’t need to change the tip.

These pens can be used to write English, Devanagari script where writing is from left to right, and Urdu script where writing is from right to left.

7. Pilot White Fountain Pen

The Pilot white tiger fountain pen is crafted with premium brass barrels and polished stainless steel accents. It features a sophisticated look that is highly durable even after daily use.

The fountain pen comes with a converter that helps to fill in the ink once it is depleted. It is recommended that you use pilot ink cartridges or pilot bottled ink for continuous writing.

Buying Guide


When purchasing a fountain pen, you must consider the nibs. Different fountain pens come with different nibs. Therefore, you should look at the nib material, nib width, cut, and the replacement nib.

Nibs come in different materials including, stainless steel, iridium tip, and solid gold. With the other materials, choose the one that is most comfortable for you. There are various variations in nib with multiple interpretations, including; extra-fine, fine and medium, and broad.

Therefore, it is essential to note that before you purchase a fountain pen, you should ensure their nibs are good and offer maximum satisfaction.



The material used in making a fountain pen is also an important consideration when buying a fountain pen. The material of the fountain pen determines the pen’s grip. Plastic material may not feel the same as a metal material or rubber material.

The material also determines its durability. Some materials are known to last longer and are not easily broken.



A pen is a small tool and can get lost easily. Before you purchase a fountain pen, consider one that can be carried anywhere with ease. A fountain pen with a clip and a cap is more recommended; not only is it fashionable, but it also clamps down the pen to prevent it from getting lost.

On the other hand, a cap is essential as it keeps your pen closed, and you only need to remove the cap when writing or signing a document. It ensures that the ink does not dry up.


Ink Filling

When purchasing a fountain pen, it’s essential to consider how you refill the ink once it is depleted. Fountain pens require regular refilling, so it is necessary to look at the filling mechanism.

Consider the cartridges or any other ink refilling ways like the piston or pump filler. This will help you choose the ink filling system best suited for you and one you are more comfortable with.



When you are purchasing fountain pens, you must determine the reason why you need it. If the pen is for extensive writing, consider a pen that you are comfortable using.

Fountain pens are best known for smooth and neat writing; however, some fountain pens are not suitable for everyone. Especially left-handed people should be careful when buying fountain pens.


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