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File folders are useful in keeping your important documents and certificates organized and safe. If you store all your essential papers in a single file folder, you would know where to look when you need them. They are also useful when you need to take your certificates and other important papers for interviews or meetings. Here we have curated a list of top file folders that can get your papers organized in no time.

1. AmazonBasics Expanding A4 Size File Folder

AmazonBasics Expanding A4 Size File Folder is made of highly durable poly material.

This is a waterproof and tear-resistant folder to keep all your documents safe. This file folder is also acid-free and PVC free. This can be used for archival purposes as well.

The file folder comes with 13 pockets, each extending up to eight inches. Each pocket is tabbed for labeling purposes. Its full storage capacity is 900 sheets.

The contents of the file folder are secured by a flexible flap fastened with cord closure.

This file folder is suitable for office, school, college, and home use.

2. Storite Files and Folders

Storite’s PU leather multipurpose file folder is your one-stop solution to storing and organizing important documents. It comes with 24 sleeves to store paper. The high-quality PU leather used gives the folder the durability it needs.

You can use it to store business cards, notepads, envelopes, letters, receipts and personal documents. It comes with dedicated pockets for loose papers or business cards.

3. AmazingHind Leatherette Professional File Folder

It is a compact, stylish, and travel-friendly file folder by AmazingHind. It is a strong and durable folder that provides safe and organized storage for your certificates and documents. It is prepared from premium-quality and hand-crafted faux leather.

This file folder feels like fine leather and makes your business portfolio look great. It enables you to organize your business proposal neat and orderly. It creates a lasting impression on others and gives you a competitive edge during interviews, conferences, or business meetings.

This file folder is suitable for daily usage. The file folder’s premium leather material gets softer with time and develops a distinct finish and texture. It is beautifully crafted and designed to perfection. It features strong stitching with high-quality threads.

This folder features a strong zipper and thick hardbound and padded cover for enhanced safety. It has a wraparound closed zip that ensures added safety. It comes packed with useful features like multiple card slots, pen/pencil holder, translucent ID holder, & refillable paper pad.

This file folder showcases a highly professional design that includes premium quality material and stitching. It is perfectly suitable for busy business professionals. It keeps you super-organized for business meetings and helps you in making a flawless presentation.

This file folder measures 14.5 inches in length and 10 inches in width. It has a B4 size that is perfect for holding all the important documents. It can be easily carried in your hands while going for urgent meetings.

4. PAREEK Dacto2pick Faux Leather File Folder

Pareek Dacto2pick is made of premium quality leather. The file folder is suitable for A4 size papers, but the folder is larger than A4 size to keep the documents wrinkle-free.

It comes with 20 transparent leaves. There is a provision for you to add more leaves as per your requirements. Each leaf measures 11 x 8 inches.

This is a professional file folder suitable for office use, travel, business meetings, school and college use. Made of lightweight material, this file folder is easy to carry it around.

A zip closure secures the contents of the file.

5. AmazingHind Jute A4-size File Folder

AmazingHind A4 size file folder is made of jute. There are four inner pockets, two small pockets, and two large pockets.

The file folder features a pen holder. This is a lightweight handmade folder for durability.

The folder is secured closed through an elastic band.

There is a flap with thread provision to secure the papers. Papers can be stored in plastic sleeves and held in place by the thread. Documents could also be stored directly fastened by the cord through punched holes.

The elegant design makes it suitable for use in conferences, seminars, and meetings.

6. TECHTEST Expanding A4 Document File Folder

Techtest Expanding A4 Document File Folder is a multipurpose folder with an ID cardholder.

Strong and durable with thick septum and metal reinforced corners with cloth edge wrapping. Each septum is 0.32 inches thick.

The septum is bonded through hot pressing fastening technology, which ensures very long life.

This file is suitable for A4 size papers and documents. This is suitable for daily use and as well as for storing and archival purposes.

You will be able to store as many as 3000 sheets. It comes with 24 accordion-style pockets.

This file folder comprises exceptional quality polyester and polypropylene, which is a nontoxic and nonradioactive material.

The file folder is tabbed, and it comes with pre-printed monthly and alphabetical labels. Custom labeling is also possible by reversing the pre-printed labels.

Best File Folders Buying Guide

Choose the most durable file folders available in the market regardless of whether you are looking for a file folder for daily use or archival purposes. You will find these file folders made of various materials. They come in a wide range of sizes and designs too.


File Size

The most standard file folder size is A4. Depending on the type of file and the material you choose, the file folder would be slightly larger than A4 size.

If you select your file for storage or archival purposes, you may need to look at the exact file dimensions. The file folders you choose should fit the filing cabinets, so double-check the measurements.



File folders are available in diverse materials. You will find leather file folders, polypropylene file folders, jute file folders besides numerous other materials.

If you are looking for fancy looking file folders, then you could go for jute file folders. They are handmade, and they look elegant. This, however, may not be suitable for professional use as in going for an interview.

Leather file folders are the best when you want something highly professional and when you want to create an impression.


Closure Type

The contents of the file need to be held securely inside the file folder. The closure type will determine how to secure the contents you store in them. You will find a thread or elastic or zip closure.


Storage Capacity

If you want to store many papers, you should go for a file folder with plenty of pockets. Accordion-style pockets can store more papers and documents than any other type of file folder. They are easy to carry around too.


Now that you know what to look for in a file folder make the right choices. Pay close attention to all the above details and select a file that best fits your requirements.

Find the most durable file folders. It is best not to cut corners compromising on the quality. Let quality be your top priority if you do not want to replace your file folders frequently.


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