Best Bamboo Steamers (Dimsum Basket)

Being a foodie, don’t you get excited by the idea of preparing food delicacies healthily? The trend of using steam for cooking delicious dishes without using oil has been rising rapidly.

A bamboo steamer is an immensely popular cooking essential that enables you to cut down oily fried foods and fats from your diet and embrace healthy steam-cooked foods.

The bamboo steamers retain the essential nutrients in foods and maintain a rich flavour. It involves arranging ingredients in a rack or steamer and cooking on boiling water.

To help you buy the best bamboo steamer for enjoying healthy and authentic Asian cooking, we have compiled the elaborative buyer’s guide, reviews of the 6 best bamboo steamers, benefits of bamboo steamers, and FAQs.

Best 5 Bamboo Steamers in India

Benefits of Using Bamboo Steamers

  • It provides the ultimate way of cooking low-fat and healthy food items.
  • It features a unique construction with an efficient heat-trapping design that provides fast cooking of multiple food items.
  • It is widely used for conserving warm foods for later consumption.
  • It retains the nutrients and authentic flavours of foods.
  • It is a water-resistant steamer that helps you to preserve the quality of foods.
  • It features eco-friendly and durable construction that uses natural bamboo material.
  • You can cook multiple steamed food items like mushrooms, veggies, dumplings, fish, etc., in less than 20 minutes.
  • These steamers are stackable so that you can fill them with various ingredients and prepare multiple servings for your friends and family.

Tips for Maintaining Bamboo Steamers

  • Always handwash and clean your bamboo steamers with vinegar as it provides effective cleaning and removes odour from the steamer.
  • Soak your bamboo steamer in a solution of vinegar and hot water. Wipe it by using a piece of clean cloth.
  • Avoid cleaning with hard water as it may lead to the deposition of hot water on the steamer’s surface.
  • A wet steamer may lead to the growth of mould and mildews on the surface.  Therefore, always dry your steamer completely by separating the baskets and lid before storing them.
  • Get rid of moulds and mildews from your steamer surface by cleaning it with a solution of vinegar, lavender, and lemon oil.  Use soft-bristle brushes and a clean, dry piece of cloth for cleaning hard stains.
  • Store your bamboo steamers by stacking them as it saves space in your kitchen.
  • Don’t keep your bamboo steamer in a sealed plastic bag.
  • Avoid placing other cookware on top of your bamboo streamers.

Buyer’s Guide


The bamboo steamers come in different sizes. Depending on your cooking ingredients and preferences, you can choose a bamboo steamer with ample capacity for filling in a variety of ingredients.

These bamboo steamers come in round shape. The larger variant measures 25 cm in diameter that can be used for preparing multiple servings.

Ensure that your bamboo steamer’s diameter should match with the diameter of the pot or container that you would use for placing the bamboo steamer.

Number of Tiers

The bamboo steamers may feature two, three, or more tiers. You can easily stack them for preparing multiple dishes at the same time. The 2-tier bamboo steamers are more common; however, you can easily add more tiers for expanding your steamer’s capacity.

If you like to cook multiple dishes separately, like vegetables, dumplings, chicken, etc., you should choose a bamboo steamer with more tiers.


The bamboo steamer is prepared from natural and sustainable bamboo material. This construction adds natural durability to your steamer. However, some advanced models feature stainless steel rims for reinforcing the quality and ensures sturdier construction.

Top 5 Bamboo Steamers 

1. Treemaison Round Shape Bamboo Box

Treemaison is a leading Indian e-commerce company that focuses on delivering high-quality products at affordable costs. It supplies modern decorative products and essential domestic items.

This bamboo steamer by Treemaison is designed for adding authentic aroma and flavour to your steam-cooked meals. It is one of the best bamboo steamers that allows you to cook various healthy Asian recipes, including dim sums, wantons, etc.

Main Features
  • Prepared from good quality and organic bamboo wood that is absolutely safe for cooking
  • Enhances the flavours of your dishes when you add herbs to the boiling water used for producing steam
  • Easily cleaned by rinsing with water and recommended for hand-wash only
  • Provides long-lasting usage and requires minimal maintenance
  • Needs thorough drying after cleaning
  • Retains the texture of bamboo when a thin coat of vegetable oil is applied to its surface
  • Comes in earthy brown colour
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is a big-sized bamboo steamer that is suitable for cooking steamed dishes for large gatherings
  • It features deep chambers that provide a fast, convenient, and healthy way of cooking meals
  • It looks natural and smells good
  • It infuses the momos with the subtle bamboo aroma for boosting their flavour
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points were observed

2. Livzing 2-Tier Bamboo Steamer

Livzing is a popular online store that delivers an enchanting range of products to brighten your living space and transform your life. Its impressive product range includes a wooden shoe rack, kitchen accessories, hanging rack-shelf, planters, etc.

Livzing 2-tier bamboo steamer is prepared from organic bamboo by water-steaming bamboo strips, forming and compressing the strips, and cutting and sanding the bamboo strips.

Main Features
  • Excellent kitchen bamboo set that is completely prepared from natural and sustainable bamboo
  • A safer and healthier bamboo steamer that is non-toxic, BPA-free, plastic-free, dyes-free, and recyclable
  • The hand-crafted bamboo steamer uses premium bamboo and reinforced stainless steel bands for imparting enhanced sturdiness and durability
  • This easy-to-clean bamboo steamer that is suitable for hand-wash only by using warm soapy water and a soft cloth
  • The wooden steamer basket is prepared from fully matured bamboo that is stronger and carbonized for making it splinter-free, mould resistant, and smoother
  • Comes in a stackable 2-tier design that enables you to cook for a large number of people quickly
  • Allows you to prepare multiple dishes at the same time, such as salmon, dumplings, rice, vegetables
  • Suitable for microwave use
  • Provides healthy cooking with steam and retains the colour, shape, texture, and flavour of food items
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is a versatile steamer that allows you to use your existing pans for natural cooking
  • It provides a great way of preparing conventional Asian cuisine without requiring any extra kitchen cookware
  • It works great for steam-cooking dishes such as momos, dim sum, wanton, dumplings, chicken, fish, meat, and various Chinese dishes
  • It provides a healthy way of cooking as it cooks dishes without using oils and helps in avoiding fats
  • It is perfectly shaped for fitting snugly against the sides of a wok, and it is also suitable for working with stockpots
  • It can be easily cleaned using vinegar, and the top rack of this bamboo steamer is dishwasher safe
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It may grow fungus if not dried properly

3. THW Bamboo Steamer Basket

THW Creations is one of the most sought-after brands while shopping for cookware and other home care products on Amazon. Its wide array of product range includes PVC rubber mat, plastic squeeze bottle, plastic cup dispenser, espresso maker, aluminium pizza screen, etc.

The steamer basket by THW is a high-quality and organic steamer for preparing tasty Asian delicacies. It can be used for cooking a wide range of Indian as well as western dishes.

Main Features
  • Prepared from natural and high-quality bamboo wood
  • Designed for providing excellent steam-cooking for cooking healthy Chinese cuisine without using any oil
  • Measures 6 inches in diameter
  • Retains more nutrients in vegetables as compared to boiled vegetables
  • Provides an economical way of preparing steamed cooked dishes
  • The easy-to-clean and durable bamboo steamer that provides long-lasting usage
PROS (What we liked)
  • This steamer is suitable for cooking various Asian recipes like traditional fluffy rice, steam tender crispy veggies, dim sum, momos, salmon fillets, etc.
  • It comes in handy while preparing quick morning breakfasts or evening snacks
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Smaller size that is not suitable for large families or serving big gatherings

4. Jimit Metal Corporation Natural Steamer Bamboo Box

Jimit Metal Corporation is among the leading suppliers of kitchenware and other home care products on the Amazon marketplace. Its impressive products include bamboo steamer boxes, cast iron sizzler plates, spice pots boxes, SS ice-scoops, etc.

This bamboo steamer box features a natural round shape suitable for preparing momos, dim sum, wanton, idli, and other food delights. It works great for entertaining your guests with steam-cooked delicacies.

Main Features
  • Designed using 100% natural bamboo that does not contain any chemicals or plastics
  • This dim sum basket is a versatile and BPA-free steamer that works great with your existing pans and other kitchenware
  • Provides a great way of preparing traditional Asian recipes without using any extra cookware in your kitchen
  • Ensures healthy cooking without any oils as steam retains the nutrients of the food items and makes them taste great
  • Measures 7 inches in diameter
  • This nutritionist recommended bamboo steamer does not contain any metallic parts and delivers fat-free meals
  • Requires soaking the bamboo steamer for a few hours in cold water before you start preparing steam-cooked foods
PROS (What we liked)
  • It can be used for steaming a variety of meals, including dim sum, wontons, dumplings, momos, vegetables, fish, rice, chicken, meat, and other Chinese dishes
  • It offers a quick and convenient way of cooking healthy meals
  • It provides an affordable way of steaming vegetables
  • It can be easily cleaned by rinsing with water
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is a little small in size

5. Godskitchen 8″ with 2 Chopstick

Godskitchen hospitality private limited came into existence in the year 1991 and soon emerged as a leading exporter of kitchenware from India.

This bamboo steamer is among the latest range of dim sum baskets. It comes in an attractive square shape. It enables you to unleash your culinary skills for preparing delectable oriental delights with the awesome authentic flavour and aroma.

Main Features
  • Square shaped bamboo steamer that comes in brown colour
  • Package includes dim sum basket with 2 chopsticks
  • Measures 8 inches in diameter
  • Designed using organic bamboo material for imparting natural taste to your meals
  • This BPA-free steamer that is free from any chemicals and plastic material
  • Does not feature any metallic parts and provides a quick way of cooking healthy meals during rush hours
  • Easy to clean by rinsing it with water
  • Easy to maintain by applying a thin coat of vegetable oil for preventing bamboo from drying out
  • Features a tightly-woven loop handle and a bamboo lid that provides efficient steaming
PROS (What we liked)
  • It features an earthy bamboo finish that looks appealing and boosts the décor of your kitchen
  • It provides the ideal combination of taste and nutrients in your meals
  • You can prepare delicious dim sum, momos, wantons, steamed rice, veggies, and other dishes using this steamer
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The rim area may get a bit loose after washing


1.Are bamboo steamers eco-friendly?

Yes. The bamboo steamers feature a label that indicates their 100% natural composition. These are high-quality food-grade products that preserve the nutrients of the food items while cooking.

2.How do I choose a bamboo steamer?

You need to consider many factors before picking up the best bamboo steamer for meeting your steam-cooking requirements. We have covered these factors in our above-mentioned comprehensive buyer’s guide.

3.Is a bamboo steamer better than other cooking utensils?

Yes. The bamboo steamer provides a healthy way of cooking delicious food items by using steam. It maintains the authentic flavour and retains the nutrients of the food. Thus, it is a better alternative for meeting your cooking requirements.


The bamboo steamers provide an effortless way of cooking Asian foods. These are hand-woven steamers that are designed to trap steam effectively. They serve as a healthy alternative to cooking various types of dishes.

Bamboo steamers are designed for efficient steaming so that you can replace oily and greasy food with healthy and scrumptious food in your diet.

The bamboo steamers come in different sizes and capacities. You need to pick the one that suits your cooking preferences perfectly. We recommend Treemaison Round Shape Bamboo Box due to its 100% natural bamboo construction and high durability.

If you are a fan of Asian Cuisine, then it is a must-have cooking appliance that allows you to cook dim sum, fish, chicken, rice, and other dishes instantly in your kitchen. It is an ideal alternative to traditional steaming racks or glass bowls.


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