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Having a secure anti-virus nowadays has become as essential as storing valuables. The rising number of cyber threats targeting businesses and customers has forced everyone to choose an antivirus. Anti-virus software is designed to detect, prevent, and bring about a total removal of malware from a computer system. Modern anti-virus software goes ahead and combats many threats, ranging from browser hijackers, ransomware, rootkits, keyloggers, trojan horses, etc. If you are looking for all-round computer protection, then these excellent anti-virus software will do the job for you

1. Quick Heal Total Security - DVD

With the improved virus scan engine, the Quick Heal total security anti-virus software can make your computer free without slowing it down. It features a firewall technology and cloud-based web security of Quick Heal, which shields your laptop or computer from attackers and other infected websites.

This software comes with a user-friendly interface, and it offers optimum protection at a pocket-friendly price.

This software offers protection against unknown malware and threats, and it performs system scan in no time with its ultra-fast speed. It features an advanced DNAScan technology, which is enhanced to combine the behavioral and characteristic monitoring and inspection of any unsafe programs.

This results in an up-to-date, accurate, and clean detection of threats.

The revamped anti-virus scan does not rescan files that have not undergone any alteration from the previous scan to optimize scan time. Once you run your web browser in the sandbox browser, it offers an uninterrupted and secure browsing experience.

It serves as the screen between the operating system and the malicious threat to the system. It also features a USB drive support. When the software runs in safe mode, unauthorized users cannot make any change in the quick heal security settings.

It offers a deep system scan through the antispyware, IDS/OPS, antimalware, silent firewall, and anti-rootkit, for all-around virus protection.

This software works with all windows versions and features a firewall that affords protection against website traffic and applications that might want to have access through the network. It is easy to use, as it automatically detects and removes viruses and other threats from your computer.

It filters emails with infected links or attachments and blocks websites infected with viruses and malware. It also protects all your financial transactions during online banking and shopping, and it automatically gets updated to the latest released virus definitions.

2. Max Secure Antivirus Plus with Ransomware Protection

Max secure antivirus plus comes with total ransomware protection. This plan is suitable for home and small office users.

Max secure comes with enhanced protection and a smart firewall for protection against spyware, malware, adware, keylogger and rootkit.

It provides real-time protection against malicious threats to your PC. Max secure has active monitoring to protect your privacy. It comes with automatically scheduled scans and updates when the PC is idle.

3. Norton 360 Standard - 1 User 3 Years

Norton 360 Standard is malware protection with an award-winning performance. It can be used for working, banking, shopping from home and does not compromise on security or device speed.

It helps to protect information that is being sent or received through the internet. It includes a secure VPN and firewall and provides total security for PC, Mac, Android and iOS.

It provides a 10 GB cloud backup for PCs to prevent data loss due to ransomware or hard drive failures.

It comes with a password manager, secure VPN for safety even on public Wi-Fi and SafeCam alerts in case of unauthorised access to the webcam.

This product provides advanced antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-malware and ransomware protection and is powered by Innovative Security technology.

This product requires 300 MB of hard disk space for installation.

4. K7 Total Security - CD

As the world has come closer virtually, the number of threats that obstruct online work has also increased. In this respect, the K7 total security anti-virus software would protect your laptops and pcs from malware and external malignant threats.

It is an intelligent anti-virus software with scheduled scans. Its activity report can monitor your children’s Internet activities and also blocks access to a hostile environment. The content filter helps you with filtering out the kind of content your children are allowed to view.

The software has a full device control feature to read, write, and execute access to external devices. It features a cloud-based website verification program and a virtual keyboard meant for identity protection. The automatic behavioral firewall scans through USB for threats. It is an affordable software that consumes less RAM on PC, and thus the system works perfectly.

5. NPAV Net Protector

The NPAV Total Security is a 1-year gold edition that has an ultra-fast scan speed. It cleans out all the complex malware and viruses. The company sends an activation key and download link within 2 hours of placing an order. It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7,8,8.1, and 10 and protects against malware, ransomware, malicious cyber-attacks, and wipers. This software is easy to install, use, and provides real value for money.

6. McAfee Total Protection

McAfee Total Protection offers the next-gen security to your computer and laptop. It can easily detect and block viruses and malware from anywhere on your computer. It extends real-time protection from all the latest threats from millions of users. This is your one-stop solution for virus protection, spam filter, parental controls, and sensitive files security.

It features a two-way firewall system that provides added layers of heavy-duty protection and monitors the traffic on your PC. It automatically sends alerts on insecure Wi-Fi networks or missed updates. It also checks drivers and applications for valid digital signatures.

It features the best clock-active protection. It has a shredder that helps you destroy sensitive files. The SiteAdvisor identifies a URL that might be harmful to the computer and blocks it.

This software also provides you a password manager to manage your passwords.

7. BitDefender Total Security

You can be sure of ironclad protection for your PC, even against the most advanced viruses and malware with this BitDefender Total Security software. It is designed to offer you protection and privacy across various platforms and does a great job without slowing your laptop/PC down. It uses the most advanced security technology, which is simple yet intuitive.

With this software, you can rest assured that your PC or Desktop is protected all the time. The top-notch malware detector of this software is hard to beat in the market. The anti-ransomware provides a valid defense in the case of ransomware infection even when connected to Wi-Fi. With Bitdefender Photon Adaptive technology, there is zero impact on the performance, and you can continue handling processes as per usage patterns. The anti-virus and anti-malware protection prevents, detects, and removes viruses, worms, trojans, ransomware, keyloggers, back doors, rootkits, etc.

Its active Threat Control is an innovative, proactive detection technology that uses advanced heuristic methods to detect new potential threats in real-time. The vulnerability scanner scans your computer and ensures all your apps and OS are timely updates and are properly functioning.

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