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A lot of the learning requirements for pre-adolescent children can be fulfilled through the use of activity books.

These books focus on a variety of areas to ensure that your child has basic general knowledge necessary for his/her developmental stage.

Here are some of the most comprehensive, popular, and attractive activity books for you to choose from.

Touch and Feel Playbook: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This book is a great starting block to introduce your child to the wonders of animal reproduction and life cycles. It is filled with animal sounds that are sure to keep your child engrossed in the book.

Animal themed counting activities are also included to help your child understand the concept of numbers.

There are also activities based on colours, shapes, and general everyday objects to help ease your child into reading and writing.

This book was inspired by a hole punch and has been used by Barbara Bush for her literacy campaign. It has sold 30 million copies worldwide so far.

Recommended for – Parents who are looking to start their children out with the basics of counting and writing.

Brilliant Brain Activity Book 

The brilliant brain activity book contains many short mental exercises that can help your child make new neural pathways. All the activities are child-centric themes.

The book contains 300 different simple and colourful activities, which helps the kid learn different topics easily. This activity book can be used in school and at home. The book is designed for kids ageing four years and more.

The activities present enhance kids’ motor skills. The book even has all the answers so that the kid learns the right thing.

101 Brain Booster Activity Book

There are 101 fun activities in this paperback edition. It has search and jumbo trails that boost the intellect.

Connect the dots to complete a picture activity that helps your kids learn numbers and recognise shapes and colours.

There are colouring activities where your child is encouraged to use bright crayon colours through which they both enjoy and learn simultaneously.

The book also contains some activities like shadow match that improves their observation skills. Match animals to their homes and similar activities increase their general knowledge as well.

There is the spot the difference activities that improve observation skills of your child. Puzzles and maze games enhance critical thinking. Crossword activities in the book are a fun way to improve vocabulary.

This activity book is ideal for kids aged 6 to 10 years. The book is in English and comprises 112 pages and all the educational activities are fun and good for boosting your child’s motor skills.

This fun activity book is 20 x 14 x 4 cm, and hence the print is legible and does not create a strain on your kid’s eyes.

1st Activity Book – Maths

This book has been designed to allow children above the age of 3 to explore, capture, and understand the basics of numerals. It is a foundational learning book for the field of mathematics.

The book is filled with illustrations and colourful pictures in bright and vibrant hues to gain and keep your child’s attention.

Each page has been designed to allow your child to absorb useful information in a fun-filled manner.

Clear white spaces on the pages between the pictures allow your child’s mind to relax while working on the activity book problems.

Recommended for – Parents that are looking to make sure their child has the basics of numerals mastered while going to nursery classes.

My Activity- Phonics Activity Book

This book is part of a set of 15 books designed to help your child master levels of mathematics, phonics, writing, and reading appropriate for nursery and kindergarten children.

Each book has fun-filled activities to teach the basics of reading letters and numbers. They also help your child with phonics and reading. There are also activities for drawing and colouring, finding differences, and more.

The illustrations and bright and colourful to keep your little one engaged in the activities at hand.

Recommended for – Parents that are looking to give their child of almost school-going age activities to develop their mathematics, reading, and writing skills.

505 Activities for Kids

This fun-filled activity book will help your child develop his/her ability to read and write while filling your child’s mind with important facts. It also has activities to encourage problem-solving using logical thinking.

Some of the more physical activities related to the book will increase your child’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The creative art-related activities will augment your child’s creative thinking abilities.

The book focuses on learning through fun, which will allow your children to learn while being entertained.

Recommended for – Parents that are looking for a fun-filled activity book that will help them learn both mathematics and writing.

1001 Activities Book

This activity book is filled with educational activities that will help your child learn in a playful and fun-filled manner.

It has been designed to increase the problem-solving capacity of your child. It will also increase your child’s reading ability and language skills.

The activities in the book will also improve your child’s motor skills. The activities that require creative thinking will increase your child’s imagination and creativity.

The book is printed using colourful and vivid illustrations to keep your child engrossed with the activities of the book.

Recommended for – Parents that are looking to keep their child engaged with an attractive and educational activity book.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Puffy Sticker Activity Book Set: Day of Glamour and Riding Club

Each activity book has more than 100 stickers and 10 backgrounds, making it a very entertaining engagement for your child.

The equestrian and glamour themes of the book are designed primarily to attract and keep the attention of growing girls.

The deluxe spiral-bound format would be a favourite with your girl because of its elegant finish and neat printing. It comes complete with a carrying handle for transport.

It is sure to increase your child’s fine motor skills while encouraging creative expressions and narrative thinking.

Recommended for – Parents that are looking to present their elegant little girls with a book that they can learn from while being entertained.

Buying Guide/Tips

Numbers & Mathematics

Activity books are great for children that are at the age where they should be learning numbers and simple additions.

Most activity books focused on mathematics will use simple pictures to logically induce your child to get used to the concepts of counting, addition, and subtraction.

Reading & Writing

Activity books almost always have sections of them that will help your child get used to using letters to make words.

They will also help your child understand how to connect sounds to letters through the use of pictures designed to elicit the correct words from their minds.

General Knowledge

There are always sections of activity books that will introduce new topics and concepts to your child while doing activities. Choose an activity book that covers a wide range of topics to build up your child’s general knowledge in a holistic manner.

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