Samsung 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter (AR12NV3HLTR) Split AC Review

Samsung is a South Korean multinational electronics company that manufactures home appliances, consumer electronics, and semiconductors.

Samsung 1-ton air conditioner is the World’s first 8-pole digital inverter. It consumes the power of the 240 volts and has the capacity of the 1 ton.

The air conditioner is single-user mode and anti-corrosion by duration. It is one of the right choices for smaller families and has a very cool outlook.


Saves Energy

The air conditioner has a facility of energy savings. The energy-efficient digital inverter eight-pole helps in maintaining the optimum temperature without getting turned off and on easily.

Hence, it helps in saving energy. This facility helps in cooling the room for a longer period.

Comfortably Cool

The Samsung air conditioner has 2 step cooling mode. The air conditioner is provided with the technology of automatically change from the fastest cooling mode to comfort mode without changing the setting again and again. The comfort mode helps in maintain the temperature according to the weather condition.


The air conditioner has the durafin facility, which helps in increasing the heat exchangers’ performance and has more corrosion resistance.

The durafin is made up of the denser material and is thicker in design, and has an improved coating which helps in more heat transfer.

Triple Protection Plus

The air conditioner triple protection plus facility helps in protecting the air conditioner from the sudden voltage fluctuation. The compressor protector technology helps in preventing the compressor from being overloaded by the fluctuating power supply.

Auto Temperature Control

This technology automatically selects the operating mode, which is required to maintain the set temperature, which lets you enjoy a comfortable environment without changing settings every time.

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What Do We like

All Round Protection

The air conditioner is comprised of the controller protector, which is provided to adjust the breakdown of the voltage, fin & chassis protector which is made up of the corrosion-resistant material and helps in preventing it with the rusting and compressor protector to protect the compressor.

Smart Facility

The air conditioner is provided with the intelligent check facility for the user during the time of installation. This facility allows the user to check the installation, whether it is carried out perfectly or not.

The user has to press the button, which allows IUD and ODU to perform self-check. If the installation is done perfectly, then, 99 will appear on the digital display screen.

Good Sleep

The air conditioner has a good sleep feature, which creates a comfortable climate. This feature helps in maintaining the temperature and moisture automatically.

What We Don’t Like


The installation of the AC is not free. You have to pay a charge for installation.


The Samsung air conditioner is one of the best choices of smaller families as it has a very fabulous look. The air conditioner has a capacity of 1 ton, which means that it is better suited for the, are sized rooms. The air conditioner is consisting of the many protectors like controller protectors, which adjust the breakdown of voltage.

The compressor helps in preventing the air conditioner from the rusting. The good night feature of the air conditioner helps in maintaining the temperature and moisture automatically. It consumes very little energy.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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