Samsung 2 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC Alloy, AR24RV3HETY Review

One cannot do without an air conditioner during the summers. Choosing the right air conditioner for the household is a tough job as there is a wide range of options to choose from. Hence, one must make sure the product meets their expectations and requirements before purchasing it.

Samsung is a leading brand that deals with the manufacture of consumer durables, including air conditioners. Samsung ACs are feature-packed and ideal for every household. The Samsung 2 ton 3 star split ac offers comfort with minimum energy consumption.

100% Copper

Copper is very durable, and it can withstand high pressures. It allows the faster flow of refrigerant, a better rate of heat transfer compared to aluminum coils, and results in better cooling at a low maintenance cost.

Dust filters 

The air purifier and the filter remove dust, bacteria, and harmful contaminants from the air to provide you a safe and healthy environment. It comes with an anti-bacterial coating to ensure that no allergens or harmful dust particles

Strong Dehumidification

The level of humidity in the air rises during the monsoons. The de-humidification feature helps reduce excess moisture for comfort. Samsung’s good sleep feature comes with precise temperature control and an automatic moisture adjustment system to ensure peaceful sleep. It also saves on energy consumption.

2-Step Cooling Mode

The AC comes with a unique 2-step mode for cooling. Initially cooling begins with the fast cool mode and then automatically changes to comfort cool mode without making any changes in the settings to maintain the desired temperature

Eight poles digital inverter

The eight poles digital inverter helps the air conditioner quickly reach the maximum Hz and facilitates fast cooling by running the compressor at the maximum level with the fastest fan speed for 30 minutes.


Durafin is thicker and is made of a much denser material to prevent corrosion. It enhances the performance of the heat exchanger.

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What Do We like


The self-check feature detects error within 7 to 13 mins, and if there is no error, then number 99 appears on the digital display screen. With just the press of a button, IDU and ODU can perform a self-check.


The automatic temperature control facilitates both hot and cold operations required to maintain optimum temperature without having to change the settings continuously.

Stable Performance

The triple protector plus technology ensures stable performance by preventing overloads, voltage fluctuations, and corrosion as it is highly heat resistant.


The AC comes with a bunch of safety features like air purifiers, antibacterial coating, and dust filters and has high safety standards. It also comes with a compressor protector, controller protector and fin, and Chassis protector, which prevents the compressor from being overloaded during power fluctuations.

Energy efficient

The air conditioner has a 3-star rating and is highly energy efficient as the eight-pole digital inverter maintains the optimum temperature without frequently turning on and off. Thus, maintaining the desired temperature throughout.


The product comes with a one year warranty on the product, five years on the condenser, ten years on compressor, and two years PCB controller warranty.

What We Don’t Like

Remote not backlit

The remote of the AC needs an up-gradation as it does not have a backlight. It becomes challenging to see the display in the dark.


The AC comes with a 2 step cooling mode, dust filters, and dehumidifier. The copper coil and eight poles digital inverter ensures the low maintenance cost of the AC. On the other hand, the self-check technology and triple protector plus technology make the product more desirable and convenient to use. The AC is not only energy efficient but also safe to use.

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Purba Bhattacharjee

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