LG 2 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC KS-Q24ENXA Review

The hot summer season is unbearable for every one of us. ACs offer you comfort and relaxation by providing cool and fresh air, which is free from pollutants and allergens. LG, a leading manufacturer of home and electronic appliances, presents you with it 2 ton 3-star inverter split AC.

This AC is economical in terms of energy consumption as it features three stars. It doesn’t even require space to be set up as it can be easily fixed on the wall. It is also an eco-friendly option that prevents the cause of global warming.


Himalaya Cooling Technology

The Himalaya cool technology will cool your room at a faster pace, reducing standard cooling time. It also reduces energy consumption, which is needed for a longer run. The AC promises to cool you as soon as you switch it on.

Inverter Compressor

The variable compressor adjusts the speed and power consumption according to the heat or room temperature. Hence, it is energy efficient.

Copper Condenser Coil

The copper condenser coils are beneficial as they have a decent current supply and power input. Along with that, they do not require much in terms of maintenance. They also provide much better cooling.


The refrigerant used in this AC is eco-friendly as it doesn’t cause harm to the ozone. It reduces the cause of global warming.


The filters have an antibacterial outer layer. An air purifier is attached to the dust filter, which provides you with comfortable and fresh cool air. The de-humidifier absorbs excess moisture, especially in monsoon, to keep you comfortable.

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What Do We like


The capacity of the LG split AC is 2 ton. It is enough to cool large rooms uniformly, even in the corners.

3 Star Rating

The energy rating is three stars, which makes it energy efficient resulting in less energy consumption. Hence, it is economical and helps you to save money.


The AC has a warranty period of a year, and the inbuilt compressor has a warranty for ten years. Customer-friendly services are also provided.

Active Energy Control

This unique feature allows you to adjust the energy consumption or the cooling capacity of the AC according to your needs. Hence, it reduces your electricity bill, which is a reason for concern when one buys an AC.

What We Don’t Like


Air conditioning in longer terms isn’t good for health apart from that the product is all good.

There can be the issue with remote switches rarely as they remain pressed after switching them.


The LG product is verified and suitable to be part of your daily life, especially during the summers of our country. It is an energy-efficient and environment-friendly refrigerator. The ACs capacity even makes it capable of fulfilling the requirement of large-sized rooms. Its cooling technique and advanced technologies make it economical, consuming less energy.

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Hari Priya

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