IFB 2 Ton 3 Star IAFS24XA3T4C, White Split AC Review

IFB has mastered the art of developing home solutions that fulfill your needs. IFB also has an extensive service network that spans the length and breadth of India. They ensure that they take good care of customers and their requirements.

This 3 star rated 2 ton AC can efficiently cool a large room (150-200 sqft). The advanced quality Copper Condenser Coil requires low maintenance. The compressor is also very powerful. It is an environment-friendly and noise-efficient air conditioner.

Free Installation

No need to worry about installing the air conditioner anymore. IFB will provide their trained technicians who will set up the AC for you for no extra cost.

Titan Gold Evaporated Fins

These Titan Gold Evaporated Fins are a self-cleaning system. It will keep your air fresh, cleans out dust, if any. The Titanium Dioxide coating helps keep the air provided by the Air Conditioner clean, healthy, and bacteria/germ-free.

360 Degree Air

The Aerodynamic 360-degree blower helps increase the airflow spread in every direction around the room. The room will quickly become more chilled and relaxing.

4 Way Cooling

The cold air swings towards four different directions in the room, spreading the fresh air more efficiently. The two horizontal air swings and the two vertical swings keep the room temperature always optimum.

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What Do We like

Filtration Process

The air you will be breathing will be filtered through 6 processes. The filtration stages are – vitamin enriching filter, activated carbon filter, dust filter, nano filter, anti-bacterial filter, catechin filter. It enables you to lead a healthier life.

Copper Piping

Copper has always been used to machinery longevity purposes. It can withstand heat without any problems. In this air conditioner, the piping is of copper. It is an excellent conductor of electricity and is durable under extreme pressure.


It is one of the critical features of any Air Conditioner. In this case, it is the heavy-duty compressor, which is very powerful and durable. It is engineered to enable faster cooling inside the room. The room will be cool and comfortable, even if there is a 52-degrees C heat-wave outside.

Ultra-Low Frequency Operation

The AC can operate even in low frequencies. It maintains a comfortable room temperature while reducing energy consumption.

What We Don’t Like

There were no major or minor cons were found.


This 2 ton IFB AC is an excellent product. It can cool a big room ( 150 – 200 sq.ft) efficiently. Hence, it is an ideal choice for family use. The Copper piping and the condenser coil is very durable and enables fast cooling. The powerful compressor is long-lasting. Hence, it is all over a must-buy product if you have the budget for it.

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Koushik Mondal

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